Max Singularity is (again) declared to be heretic and traitor

(Ilan Ardishapur) #22

My support belongs to God and the faith, which dictates I speak against heresy in all it’s forms. I care not for Vaari’s views, only that the heretic Singularity be exposed for what he truly is.

(Goldfinch) #23

Your Amarrian knowledge is so thin that you believe that the Amarr Empress, who rules in God’s name, who leads the Amarr people, who arbitrates Good and Evil – is “widely regarded as a heretic”?

Are you truly this ignorant, or are you knowingly asking an incendiary question?

We are Amarr. God is real in every sense. His divine acts are as real as the machinery in your ship, the people who are the crew in your ship, and as real as you would consider your own soul.

An act of God is more likely than the representative of God Himself relying on tech to fabricate a divine act. If you, or anyone else claims that foul play is afoot, then provide the proof. Show us what facts you have at your disposal.

If you do not have such facts at your disposal, then extend the late Empress the same latitude you wish to be extended to you: to not be accused of acts for which there is no evidence, to not be dishonored frivolously after your death.

We believe we have quite clearly and plainly answered your question.

She was resurrected, and she will return again. By will of God.

(Jurius Doctor) #24

Resurrected? Now who is speaking heresy? I would personally drag you before the privy council if what you claim were any less ridiculous. I was watching when the Drifters smote the Seraph. Yes. Smote. For there is no other way to describe the wroth they exercised on her holiness’ being.

If you think she’s coming back from that, I have some land on Seyllin’s first planet I’d like to sell you. It has a lovely view of a blue star, and unique geography.

(Scipio Artelius) #25

She was already “resurrected” before that.

Man, for a Gallente, I’m surprised how much you Amarrians don’t know. You guys should go read your scriptures. Maybe in her intimate wisdom, God will grant you some knowledge or sumfink.

(Goldfinch) #26

Who are you?

The proximity of ourself and our House to God is not in question. We stand with our Faith before any Court or Council.

Death is a necessary precursor to Resurrection, per the rules of logic, not religion. Are you confused, sir?

(Samira Kernher) #27

Believe or not in whether she cloned, but it is an indisputable fact that she was a capsuleer. Every heir of Heideran VII’s reign was.

Except possible violations of Sacred Flesh, it seems. You keep doing it, Ilan. You declare Catiz I impure for her ancestry, yet vigorously defend against the rumors of impurity from Jamyl I. Surely someone who actually believed in upholding the purity of the Throne would be just as concerned by her? False allegations or not, if you truly cared about purity you would not have such certainty in your stance. You expose your own hypocrisy.

Ilan does not represent House Ardishapur. He is a wayward heretic who has forsaken that name.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #28

I have no idea who you are, but to say someone is not True Amarr when they clearly are is lunacy.

You have a weak grasp on language. Empress Catiz is the Empress. A regent is someone that is a ruling position that is not the Empress. Yes, this is me being pedantic, but that’s the lawyer in me, Mister Jurius Doctor.

As the Empress, she was immune to any corruption. She was the Voice of God, First Apostle of the True Faith and Sovereign Defender of the Imperial Rite. These are the same titles that Her Majesty, Empress Catiz I now holds. The Empress is the Empress and to challenge her is to challenge the office and the Scriptures.

A holder has no station to challenge the Empress. And a holder has more than enough station to challenge another holder. Lord Vaari can challenge Lord Singularity.

She speaks nothing more than the doctrine of the Jamylite Cult. I would happily stand in front of the Privy Council and the Supreme Sobor and defend our faith.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #29

I’ve never heard that, because it’s not true. God’s work is evident in everything. It is God that designed a universe that we can uncover, a system of physics that doesn’t break down, planets that say in their obits, electrons that attach to atoms, quantum waveform collapses. God is there in every breath we take, in love, in hate, in our very being. That we know something does not make it less holy and marvelous. I have seen the stars and the wonders of creation. I have seen life made and ended. I have seen miracles and the mundane. And I tell you that the Almighty GOD is in all of those things.

When we proclaim the mystery of faith in the mass, it is not the mystery of God, it is His power, His being, His Holiness that we cannot comprehend. That we know all that we see is God, but that there is more, that death is not the end. Death is but a pause on our journey. The Faithful shall be judged by Almighty God just like the nonfaithful. We who believe and obey, who live in the Light, who act with righteousness, we shall enter Paradise and bask in God’s Light for eternity. The Mystery of Faith is that I know that to be TRUE! I believe. But, I cannot prove that in a lab. Frankly, I don’t need to. There is so much else to prove the existence of God.

(Scipio Artelius) #30

It’s been around at least 10,000 years.

Evidence of these miracles?

I’ll put 1 Billion ISK up if you can prove a miracle occurred.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #31

Empress Jamyl resurrected from the dead to come to the aid of Holy Amarr in the Empire’s darkest hour.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #32

Hell, I can do that. She cloned. Next, also adding another thirty billion to anyone who can produce a proven ‘miracle’. I mean, rich people have been doing this for millennia.

It’s the safest bet in existence.

(Alizebeth Amalath) #33

I was actually anticipating this. How about the Universe? The Majesty of God’s creation is at hand, the mere fact that we have this existence to live, that there is life and intelligence and faith? We exist!

(Valerie Valate) #34

I also am True Amarr.


(Dracos Rhaghar) #35

A Caedes was destroyed in battle against Drifter forces, and miraculously reappeared in the Capsuleers hangar the next day. If a ship appearing out of nothing isn’t a miracle, tell me what is.

(Samira Kernher) #36

CONCORD targeting software was not updated to account for the newly-sighted drifters and this lead to the destruction of the craft. CONCORD reimbursed the loss and replaced it with a new ship. It did not “miraculously appear”.

(Medina Riper) #37

Amarrian scumm!!!
Burn with your inexistant gods, false prophets and daities.
May my basters blow a hole in your emperess dress and my drones rip your slaver souls.


(Sinjin Mokk) #38

You should speak with more reverence when addressing His Epicness.

Jamal Sarum never personally addressed you or gave you her belessing, did she?

Not that it matters now, of course. But still, one must keep an eye on propriety.

Like him or no, the “Space Pope” has done more to promote the worship of God than a thousand such as you.

You are Amarr. Act like it. Know your place.

(Tannia Ambrye) #39

Wait, what? Millennia of history and exploration and this is still trotted out by the great religion as a compelling argument? “Look at the trees!”?

(Tannia Ambrye) #40

As a Gallente and an Intaki I disavow any call to war by the Federation over religious differences. There are enough issues that can lead to war and not instigate a “holy war.” So I must assume that your post is merely a joke in poor form and taste.

(Aria Jenneth) #41

Well-- it’s not like anyone’s actually figured out a concrete answer to the whole, “Why is it here?” question. For a while, you might get answers-- “Why hanging long-limbs?” Because evolutionary factors X, Y, and Z. But go far enough, and you start really pushing the margins on what we’re able to observe. Eventually, the honest answer becomes, “We don’t know.”

That’s kind of where religion kicks in, if it wasn’t piping up already.