The Subject of Enlightenment

The day began like every other, silent contemplation of the Scriptures, followed by a reflection on the tragedies that have befallen the Amarr. A failure of the empire’s leaders, brought about through lack of faith and weakness of the spirit.

Before he rose to resume his holy work he recited the words his father had taught him in his youth:

“Cleanse us of the moral failings of lesser races — of compassion and mercy. Make us united and single minded in purpose — to follow the true path. Permit us to drown the sinners in their blood — to fulfill your holy purpose. Our swords are yours, my God, and your will guides us now and for all eternity.

Amarr Victor!”

For 22 years, Colonel Herrad Has-Shae had languished on Jesoyeh IX, dividing his days between the station chapel and his laboratory. Leading a solitary life of piety, paperwork and
experimentation. Social life was a distraction to the pious and the petty politics of the Privy Council were anathema to him. It could be said that Herrad disliked people, but loved the Amarr.

He walked briskly through the station hallways, his gray hair cropped short, his piercing blue eyes locked in purpose on the path to the laboratory. While scientists in his employ would wear their lab coats, Herrad never wore anything other than his black suit with Amarr gold embroidery. He was a servant of God first, scientist second.

His first officer Amaru Votary greeted him in the operating theater.

“Status report,” Herrad said calmly.

“The Caldari slave is inserting the experimental command mindlink into the subject sir”, Amaru

“And was anesthesia applied?”

“No sir, as you ordered.”

“Good, maintaining the material in an animated state is vital to our development,” Herrad said.

The subject shook with his eyes frozen in a stare, the top of his head having been removed as part of the procedure. The Caldari scientist was covered in blood as he worked the experimental
implant into the Minmatar slave’s brain.

Herrad meticulously took notes, documenting every spasm, convulsion and tremor. The work done here would allow for improvements to Amarr citizens, while minimizing the risks to the patient. The enslaved scientist and the writhing subject were doing God’s work without comprehending the glory. It was as intended, he would bring the lesser races onto the True Path through their
servitude. It was a duty he did not take lightly, the burden of the pious was heavy and all

“My lord, the patient can’t take any more, if I continue the operation he will die,” said the scientist, visibly distressed.

“The subject has served its purpose, we have replacements. Finish your work and write up a
report, I will expect it on my desk tomorrow morning,” Herrad replied.

“Yes my lord,” the scientist responded.

347 subjects had perished this week, an acceptable number. For decades, the laboratory at
Jesoyeh IX had led the empire in implant development and Herrad would ensure it maintained that status. His spies had already located another Caldari research center with more promising tools he would bring into the light of the empire.

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