Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

One can only hope, though I’m not confident in positive results…

As an Amarr, I would like to apologize to the IGS for Vaari’s drunk posts.


Thank you, much appreciated.

There should be an app for that…

Fortunately, I don’t premise my opinions on the Empire, or any of the factions, solely on the capsuleers involved with them.

Translator insists that’s “greenery, vegetation”.

Pretty sure it’s not correct.

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It means Commander in the Matmoro dialect.

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Lord Vaari is

Ah, now it has sense…

I like his drunk posts more than his sober posts.

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My translator really struggles with titles today.

“The wider view about Scripture”? I doubt that one too.

Oh, cmon, it’s THE Nomistrav. Not really a person whom you should take into account, whatever his “titles” are. He already disgraced himself with public lies, so why would you think his other words - or his “titles” - would matter?

By this time it would probably be easier for you to make a list of people you have not gotten your boots wet about than those you have.

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That wasn’t about me, minmatar. Are you disgracing yourself with such petty insults and trolling just because I pointed out at your myoptic bias in another thread?

The word is ‘myopic’.


Ahaha. I have made some epic mistakes in my life, but I have never ■■■■■■ up so badly I felt the need to make a jump clone/alternate identity just to claim I was a spy.

Posting in an epic thread.

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Roughly: Missioner for the Intaki People.

I’m curious what public lies you think I’ve told, Kim.

So, Mr. Nomistrav? Not that anybody’s obliged to use it, but …

… maybe it would be good to take this over here?

It is utterly ridiculous that an off-topic thread has an off topic thread.


It isn’t just for stuff that’s “off-topic,” though, Mr. Aloga. It seemed like a few people might be a little tired of this thread being quite so covered in blast craters, so I thought, maybe a dedicated battlefield?

But, if nobody wants to use it and actually we’re content to have the general “off-topic” thread absorb all the incoming when someone gets in a fight with Ms. Kim, or Arrendis, or me (or there’s a fight between me, Ms. Kim, and Arrendis). . . .