Off-Topic Thread vol. 2

Thank you, much appreciated.

There should be an app for that…

Fortunately, I don’t premise my opinions on the Empire, or any of the factions, solely on the capsuleers involved with them.

Translator insists that’s “greenery, vegetation”.

Pretty sure it’s not correct.

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It means Commander in the Matmoro dialect.

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Lord Vaari is

Ah, now it has sense…

I like his drunk posts more than his sober posts.

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My translator really struggles with titles today.

“The wider view about Scripture”? I doubt that one too.

Oh, cmon, it’s THE Nomistrav. Not really a person whom you should take into account, whatever his “titles” are. He already disgraced himself with public lies, so why would you think his other words - or his “titles” - would matter?

By this time it would probably be easier for you to make a list of people you have not gotten your boots wet about than those you have.

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That wasn’t about me, minmatar. Are you disgracing yourself with such petty insults and trolling just because I pointed out at your myoptic bias in another thread?

The word is ‘myopic’.


Ahaha. I have made some epic mistakes in my life, but I have never ■■■■■■ up so badly I felt the need to make a jump clone/alternate identity just to claim I was a spy.

Posting in an epic thread.

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Roughly: Missioner for the Intaki People.

I’m curious what public lies you think I’ve told, Kim.

So, Mr. Nomistrav? Not that anybody’s obliged to use it, but …

… maybe it would be good to take this over here?

It is utterly ridiculous that an off-topic thread has an off topic thread.


It isn’t just for stuff that’s “off-topic,” though, Mr. Aloga. It seemed like a few people might be a little tired of this thread being quite so covered in blast craters, so I thought, maybe a dedicated battlefield?

But, if nobody wants to use it and actually we’re content to have the general “off-topic” thread absorb all the incoming when someone gets in a fight with Ms. Kim, or Arrendis, or me (or there’s a fight between me, Ms. Kim, and Arrendis). . . .

I think Diana’s issue is that you are ‘Gallente’ and, therefore, everything you say must be a lie in her eyes. I suffer much the same fate whenever I query her posts, sadly. It’s best not to give the oxygen to fuel that particular fire.

However, I do find it interesting that she is fine with het ‘Caldari loyalist’ alliance flying alongside Federation Uprising - a group founded in the Gallente militia - against CVA who are the recognised guardians of Providence by Empress Catiz. Seems somewhat backwards to me but who am I to say.

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That I don’t think, that I know, for all of use you have left enough evidences here

  1. “Your apparent ignorance of Amarr/Minmatar history”
    Lie? Lie.
  2. " is either a gross display of your indifference to learn or telling of just how foolish you are"
    Since both of options woulbe be false about me, it’s second lie.
  3. “and general idiocy”
    No comment
  4. “please let the adults speak.”
    Well, may be not a direct lie, but implification is one that suits a troll like you.

So, that’s already 3 (or even 4, depending on how to view the last one) pretty much obvious and pathetic lies about me that you poured into a public media.