You have to fight for what you believe in

Sometimes, you have to fight for what you believe in.

In my case, this is liberty. The liberty of the individual to live their life as they please so long as they do not harm others, to believe what they please so long as they don’t force their beliefs on others. The liberty of the community to organise itself as it sees fit so long as it does not damage other communities. This is a central Gallente value. I have said many times in the past that the Federation not always lives up to its values, but they are values we hold dear and they are worth fighting for. These values are nowhere more threatened today than on Floseswin IV. There, Amarrian forces under the instruction of Lord Sarum are attempting to remove innocent people from their peaceful lives, to force them to convert to a belief that is not theirs, and to eradicate a human community on an entire planet. Those who resist are to be turned into slaves at least until they relent and accept the way of life, the creed, and the political organisation of their captors. This cannot be allowed to stand, not only because it is an affront in itself but because, to borrow from an old adage, if you tolerate Floseswin your own system may be next. Amarr won’t stop until the entire cluster has submitted to them.

And so, I am heeding the call for help issued by Cain Aloga, and joining in the effort to beat Amarr out of the Floseswin system.

But you also have to do what’s right for what you love.

In my case, this is the Intaki Diaspora. This confederation of capsuleers came together with nothing in mind but the better interest of the wider Intaki people. And, within its modest aims and capabilities, it has succeeded beyond our most optimistic expectations. This is largely the result of our credible commitment to staying focused on the well-being of Intaki. Part and parcel of this is Diaspora’s neutrality in other issues not involving Intaki.

My personal decision to fight in Floseswin cannot drag my whole corporation into factional warfare. And so, I am leaving OLDHR behind at least for the duration of my engagement. Similarly, my decision to take sides in the conflict between the Republic and the Empire cannot be allowed to bring into question the neutrality of the Diaspora or its focus on Intaki. And so, I am relinquishing also my membership in the Diaspora steering group.

Of course OLDHR will continue to be involved in Diaspora, but under different leadership. And I will continue to support, with my work, OLDHR-led projects such as the Diaspora medical centre programme. But I will not be the public face of either.

For liberty. For Intaki.
vyhort adiit - vyhort intaki


Looking forward to seeing you in our neck of the woods, Vynneve.

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There’s who said “When the injustice becomes legit, the rebellion is necessary”.


This is a wonderfully strong and stirring message, Valerie. I hope you not only find success in the warzone, but are able to inspire fellow Federation citizens to stand up as well.


Thank you Astaire. I value your words particularly, knowing where they come from in this context.

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No. You never have to.

Surprisingly, with that I do agree myself. Live and let live others is a laudable way of life, that we, as Caldari, follow ourselves. But your previous statement makes you a HYPOCRITE.

Because when you FIGHT for what you believe in, you violate that principle itself of not forcing your beliefs on other.

Sorry for cherrypicking this out of context of your speech, but again - this is what I do believe in. That is IS a central Gallente value - to belive in said liberty and violating it in regards of those you disagree with and whose way of life you should be permitting you find offensive and violating of your own principle of life and your “central value”.

Fighting for what you believe in means simply being a bully. It is becoming yourself one whom you were supposed to be fighting against. You create a cycle of evils. You are part of that cycle.

That’s why we don’t fight for what we believe in. We fight to protect lives of those dear to us. We fight to protect what we create. We fight to protect our property and our way of life. But we never fight to enforce our ideals and way of life on others.

And returning back to the Floseswin… you are not helping, you are not bringing a solution. You are part of the problem. You are the problem.

The only bully here is Lord Sarum who, basically out of spite at the behaviour of part of the 24th Imperial Crusade, decided not to punish those militias, but to go enslave an entire planet. The bully is the big fish that goes beat on the unrelated little fish because he can’t get at the offending middle fish.

As to the rest, I am not imposing my creed or way or life on anyone. I’m doing what I can to protect the lives of innocent civilians on Floseswin IV. Fighting other militias is not imposing a belief on them either. Fight each other is what militias do for a living. You win some, you lose some. But in this particular case the gladiatorial game has real-world consequences for others. And I know which side clearly is doing collateral damage in Floseswin and which one is preventing it.

As to the rest, thank you for admitting to cherry-picking and taking things out of context.

I will just say I am not surprised the first negative reaction would come from you, of all people. Though I am saddened because we at one point had mutual respect despite our obvious differences.

My intended audience was first and foremost those allies and friends that may not understand why I am doing something that may seem out-of-character to them. It is not, and I explain it in terms they can relate to.

You will note I don’t try to guilt-trip fellow Federal loyalists into helping out Minmatar allies in their hour of need. Surely you of all people can understand the motive of helping one’s allies. You didn’t take too long to issue a rallying cry for Caldari loyalists to go help Sarum’s slavers.


Well, that’s amusing. I point out what you did wrong and why I consider your position as being a bully, and you instantly turn arrows to the head of Imperial House, blaming HIM instead. Well, I wasn’t talking about Lord Sarum, I was talking about YOU. Whatever he did - it does not excuse you from being a bully. You made your position quite clear.

But that was your intent with the name of the topic, isn’t it so? How about all that “You have to fight for what you believe in?”

So, Ms. Vynneve now has greater authority and wisdom that Lord Sarum, Privy Council and Ministry of Internal Order?
I am not falling for that.

Are you a privateer and a pirate then?

Oh, so you finally begin to realize that after over ten years of the conflict? Well, I’ll help you open your eyes more: it’s not just in THIS particular case. People been dying all over because of Federal and Minmatar aggressions. Welcome to the real world, I guess!

Doesn’t look to me like you know. Since Imperial authority are trying to apprehend civilians, they should follow orders. Starting fights over it WILL bring collateral damage and deaths of innocents. Deaths caused by your (and other fanatics) interference into Imperial operations included.

Well, yes, I did believe you were respectful person and that we could discuss things openly even if disagreeing. I was mistaken when you began openly lying about us. You’re not just enemy. You’re a dishonorable nuisance and a liar. And as I see from this outcry, a hypocrite as well.

You know, I might not be your ally or a friend, since being a friend with such dishonorable liar as you would disgrace my uniform, but you could have earned at least a bit of my respect if you’d explain that with a simple bloodlust or intent to commit piracy and have “good fights” instead of making such hypocritical calls like that - or, indeed, simple call to help allies would be way more honorable than this nonsence.

That was for all pilots, not just Caldari - just because we Caldari are already fighting the war on a different front. We have too many eggers who don’t still support the Empire and the State against foreign invaders and that we must change. We certainly need more active pilots who will stand against aggression of minmatar-gallente offenders, who will protect law and order and will help Imperials secure their operations in Floseswin against terrorists, pirates and hypocrites like you.

Uh, no. I don’t intend to shoot anyone other than opposed militias in the warzone. Unlike you who went to shoot CVA miners in their Providence home.

Specifically on Floseswin, I invite you to look at the star map and realise who the invaders are in that region. It’s not the Matari.

I welcome to our ranks you and others who want to take up the fight.

Even though we fly with Electus Matari, and my allegiances are what they are, SoERR itself is not a Minmatar loyalist corporation - we are an antislavery, antipirate, and humanitarian operation. We have people of Caldari, Ni-Kunni, Federal, Intaki, and other origin with us, each for their own reasons but united in the good fight.


We are fighting for the Civilization here, to preserve what we have, to forge the future for our children; we are fighting against those who are bringing death, suffering and humiliation of the decency of human nature. It is a fight for survival, for survival of both our people and Civilization itself, we are guarding it from the collapse.


Ahh, I see you have actually enlisted to tribals.
For shame!
I’ll be watching what tribal actions you will be committing.

You’re just that dense, aren’t you?

A system that is currently occupied by Amarr Empire. Do I REALLY have to specify to you I referred to the start of the war and not just one planet?!..

When the war has started it were YOU who invaded the Amarr Empire, not them invaded you. Don’t make a victim out of yourselves when you were the aggressors!

Your apparent ignorance of Amarr/Minmatar history is either a gross display of your indifference to learn or telling of just how foolish you are, Pilot Kim. If you’re quite done further concreting in how little we should care about your opinions, thoughts, and general idiocy, please let the adults speak.

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Oh, a typical gallente propagandist, lying and insulting others, blaming in ignorance while himself appearing ignorant of what was being discussed.
Some time ago I considered you to be even an intelligent person, but now I see how much I was mistaken.

The only fight I fight on daily basis is with myself.

The other fight I’m fighting for is balance and an equality and above all, justice; since we are all beautiful living beings in this beautiful universe.

A lovely speech but I am afraid this conflict goes beyond simple ideals about the organization of labor and proper governance. There is a web of complicated factors at play, but you and many others only see the simple and immediate

I know what I fight for and how it must be done. In many ways I am sorry it has come to this, but Floseswin is a step towards greater things, not a destination.

I shall see you on the battlefield.

You cannot know what I see, only what I let on in my declaration. There is a web of complicated factors behind it, but you and many others only see what I put before your eyes.

As to this,

I refer you to my own

You may disagree, but I think we’re actually on the same page. See you on the battlefield, indeed.

We are not, but it does not matter. I cannot enlighten you.

Nor can you enlighten the people on Floseswin. They’ll rise to oppose you at every turn and you will merely revisit history. Pax Amarria has taught you nothing.