The time to fight has come

The Amarr efforts to Reclaim our people has begun. I type this coming from a field of battle myself, as Republic ground forces and those loyal to the Tribes, including those under my command, are bitterly fighting off the savage hordes of the invading Amarr. They come to destroy. They come to enslave.

I am doing what I can to stop them, but I cannot do it alone. I urge my fellow Matari Kin, and our allies in the Federation to help beat back our Enemy.

For years we knew this threat was coming, and for years we have stood against it. If you are among those who have promised to fight against the Reclamation, well, the time has come. I urge all those who are dedicated to the cause of freedom, to fighting evil and those that perpetrate it, to come to Floseswin and help protect the people of Floseswin IV.



Let’s see… Reclamation, blah blah blah… Enslavement, yes… Urging fellow kin, blah blah… Ah, here we go: “All those who are dedicated to the cause of freedom.” I love this ■■■■! Usually means people get a little loose with their wallets. Say, I’m fixing to wrap up some contracts here in the next few days, so what do you freedom-hugging types say about giving me and my boys something to do, hmm?

Or is uhh… “Freedom” too cheap for that…?

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If it would help, I’m offering up the services of NOT-X’s 1st and 2nd marine brigades. The first brigade is currently ready to deploy the second will have battalions ready as they are pulled from current contracts. 10k marines, 5k ready at this time. If you are interested let me know, and details will be worked out.


Sounds like the kind of inquiry that should come with a ‘here’s our pricing menu…’

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I am selling:

  • Out
  • Sex
  • Secrets
  • Skeletons
  • Sausages
  • Corovid Industries goods and services
  • Checkbox

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I’m willing to give ICRS’ services a reference, if any interested potential clients would like to contact me privately, based on his enthusiastic performance of a recent contact.

For the saftey of yourself and your men, I suggest you pull out soon. Not many ground campaigns fair well without orbital support.

Are you for real going to deal with freedom fanatics and cultists? They’re crazier than blood raiders! Maybe not as disgusting and dishonorable as gurista, of course, but I would still deem them as highly unreliable.

How much do ‘Tanks of Honor’ go for these days? Probably not as much as I’d make gunning down paladins or rebels. Honor ain’t cost effective.

… Weird. Why am I having to explain this to some pencil-necked Achuran? Eh, whatever.

Amarr got their noses stuck up in the air too much for merc-work and the Minmatar think they can do well enough on their own with all the cloak and dagger. I’m sure those eggers will come to their senses eventually when they realize that soldiers are finite and warclones are eternal. Annnnd I’ll be here, waiting, reading my smut.

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