You have to fight for what you believe in

Nor do I expect you to. I can talk to the Archbishop for that purpose if I need to.

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Hardly. The collapse of the Heideran-Midular Peace taught us many things. The lessons were just not particularly nice ones for anyone actively seeking sustained peace.




You’re too kind! Also, happy forumversary?

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Not at all. As I said at our most recent meeting, reclaiming by the ethanol is a concept I can get behind.

Thank you, I’ll be on the lookout for yours.


Unfortunately, your right…

I highly doubt he has much idea of what I am speaking of. Nor do you, evidently.

This conflict is about your evil empire coming to detroy the lives on innocents, and those of us with the will and ability doing what we can to stop you. Everything else is irrelevant.

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Nothing of the sort.

This is about securing our Empire in an age where we must fight unkown threats while existing with treaty-breakers who hide their knives in dark corners, waiting for a moment to betray us as we defend humanity from real threats. We can ill-afford to watch our backs against you pathetic mongrels who bark more than bite when a war with new invaders is on our doorstep. You must be either cowed or defeated now, and Lord Sarum knows this. So here we are.

Either start your so-vaunted full war and doom us all to drowning in a sea of blood, or shut your damn mouths and combat our common enemies before settling your petty thirst for revenge.

We will when your troops leave. You seem to forget who declared what.

No, you will when your Republic negotiates terms and sticks to them for a change.

That’s pretty funny, meatpuppet. We all know your master decided the best way to suck up to Emperor Khanid was to attack what had been a relatively peaceful population of foreign civilians living within Empire-controlled space, and that he did it in response to Amarr/Minmatar cooperation. I mean, the ‘grr missioners’ treaty may have been stupid as hell, but it wasn’t us who decided ‘nope, that’s it. If you idiots are going to try to get along, we’re gonna do full-scale planetary assaults’.


Ok, sure. Well simply ignore Amarrian troops, including your own, enslaving our kin. I’m fine with tackling this greater threat with a combined front. I will not cooperate with those actively engaging in open war on our civilians. Drop your support for this, and address, as you put it the greater threat and that’d be a possibility. Maybe.

You are an idiot, Arrendis.

He can’t. He’s not allowed to have his own opinions, remember?

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I can still hope can’t I? He may be hard to deal with but he can actually be reasoned with, unlike many.

A fully loaded rifle is the only thing you need.

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But not the only thing you might want.

For example, a nice cup of hot cocoa…


I have plenty of those, currently enroute to Floseswin, as well as matari and a handful of Caldari marines holding them. That and a couple hundred unspecified personnel with canisters of unspecified… Well, I’ll talk to you about that later. Yay for escalations…


Good point. A few grenades would be handy.

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