To the Commanders of the Matari Ground Forces on Floseswin IV

To the Commanders of the Matari Ground Forces of Floseswin IV,

I, Ekaterina Mariya deSilvestris, Captain of Alpha Company, deSilvestris Household Naval Infantry, currently engaged in sporadic fighting with Matari Ground Forces in and around the settlement known as East Hav or Mining Settlement 45, respectfully request a 24-hour truce and ceasefire in the immediate area of the aforementioned urban area.

This truce will be for the sole purpose of evacuating remaining civilians to areas of safety, in order to avoid further unnecessary, unwarranted, and unwanted innocent casualties and deaths. There are a number of civilians remaining, including eldery, infirm, incapacitated, and children. I ask you, respectfully, to honour the spirit of Yuill, and allow these people free passage to wherever they wish to go, without threat of harm or reprisal.

Upon the termination of the agreed-upon truce period, hostilities shall resume. You should be aware that some inhabitants of this settlement have voluntarily taken up arms in the defence of their home, and, having discussed with me the repercussions for them of this willing decision, they agree and accept that Matari forces may perceive them as enemy combatants.

I hope that in the spirit of true, honourable warriors, the leaders of the Matari Forces, and those with influence over them, shall seriously consider my proposal and answer in the affirmative.

With Respect,
Aspirant Ekaterina Mariya deSilvestris, Captain, deSilvestris Household Forces.


DeSilvestris I think I’ll have to retract my words about you, as you at least think before storming a place full of civilians.
So in spirit of this truce S-II personal will not engage unless engage upon


Capt deSilvestris,

Thank you.

As a token of good will, I be an willing to make my personal transports available to assist you during the cease fire.
I also have several dozen Imperial workers that we’re liberated from a hot zone. They have been well cared for, and treated with utmost respect. If you would like, if would love to deliver them to you as I’m sure you can facilitate their safety.

Point of note, I would have no issue delivering them to you, even if you are not in need of my transports.


I do not understand this post. The Amarr are not on Floseswin to allow the civilians there to come and go as they please, but to enslave them and carry them away in chains, or failing that, destroy them for their resistance to the Word.

I’m having trouble sympathizing with truce-pleas from a direct antagonist of the Matari people and Republic warfighters, and I pity any who get wrapped up in this little pull at heart-strings. So, what happened to the deSilvestris who had no want of charity? Is it that the Empire no longer has occupation of Floseswin that suddenly you’ve found a heart or is this pry at the Youil holiday your way of trying to tug fools without a leash?

I’m all for the reduction of harm to innocents, but you, ma’am, are short of a humanitarian and your words are laced with ulterior motives. I do sincerely hope the civilians you speak of are at least aware of who waves a flag in their name. Were it me, I’d honestly be offended.


Corridors are being created and secured to allow for civilian evacuations from Amarr occupied areas. Stormwinds PMC has been on the ground now since the original Announcement has been made, and our record for civilian extraction and evacuation is well known by locals. They have the means to contact us for extraction, and I strongly urge any and all civillians to take up the offer to reach out to Stormwinds or other Matari Ground forces lest they be herded into the slave pens this Amarr is providing.

Any and all Amarr armed personnel will be shot on sight.


Allow me to reply to all responses:

Maira Blackfire - I appreciate your observation of temporary rules of engagement. Similiarly, my troops will have orders not to engage except where required defensively during the period of truce.

Oona Aldeland - Please make your transports available as soon as possible to collect the civilians who wish to leave. I entrust them to your care. Unfortunately, however, I do not have the capacity to take any Imperial civilians in return, as they will immediately be in danger. Please contact Imperial Officers in charge of Operations on Floseswin in order to arrange such transfers. However, if there are no other options for you, then we must discuss the matter further.

Nauplius - I do not wish to engage in debate of such matters. Suffice to say, I shall not be directly responsible for deaths of innocent civilians where such tragedies can be avoided.

Nomistrav - It would appear my humble attempts to antagonise worked on you, at least. I thought you made of sterner stuff, or at the very least would be familiar with the age-old concept of warriors bragging and boasting, and irritating and belittling their foes. As I have said to Nauplius, I have no wish in see death and suffering inflicted upon those who need not suffer it. These people are non-combatants and have seen the devestation of their home and the death and injury of loved ones. House deSilvestris Forces bear no responsibility for events of such nature in this settlement. Think what you will of my motivations, I had expected at least one person to assume I had a hidden agenda. I care not for any offense given to you or your ilk. My troops have treated the civilians here with consideration and respect. Arranging their evacuation is a part of that.

Cain Aloga - I have neither the time nor the inclination to bother myself with your allegations of slave pens and other such nonsense. If I cannot be confident of your respecting the truce period during the evacuation, then I would rather entrust that Operation to another group.

Therefore, on reflection, and wishing to evacuate these civilians as rapidly as possible, I suggest that a 24 hour truce period, in which deSilvestris Household Forces shall neither be fired upon nor fire themselves (except in retaliation for any breaching of said truce-period), begin within the next one to two days, at most three. I further suggest that the evacuation of the civilians be carried out by Oona Aldeland, covered, if agreeable to all involved parties, by the Forces under Maira Blackfire. As both Blackfire and deSilvestris Forces agree to abide by the ceasefire, it seems that this is the most realistic solution to guarantee a successful and peaceful evacuation of the civilian population.

If my suggestions are agreeable, please respond with the next 24 hours, whereupon final details can be agreed upon.

With Respect,
Aspirant Ekaterina Mariya deSilvestris, Captain, deSilvestris Household Forces.

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Your forces took on the responsibility the minute they set foot on the ground. Furthermore, troops are often guided by their leaders’ behavior. If your troops act as you say they do, then perhaps you aren’t in command of them. I need not explain why.


Request denied.


StormWinds PMC will only recognize any truce or other temporary ceasefire that has been recognized by Republic Command and/or Brutor Vanguard forces. StormWinds forces will continue to operate combat operations against the Amarr invaders as normal across all our arenas of operation.

Should Oona wish to proceed, certain provisions can be made, however this truce cannot be recognized unilaterally and is rejected.


Even as support for your endeavors, I don’t trust a protagonist for negative relations words in requests for temporary peace. Even of you support such an endeavor, the soldiers of Non-Hostile Target PMC will not support agreements with those who view us as subhumans. Soldiers of deSilvestris house will be viewed as combatants until they leave Floseswin IV, as they are not an entity from the planet, nor a humanitarian organization based on civil humanitarianism. Those who they defend, as such will be viewed as valid combatants. I am also taking the liberty to move our NBC specialists into position specifically for their actions.

Woof. Now let’s watch as your people die… That’ll be just as wonderfully entertaining.

Learn how to do diplomacy. I’m done with it.


I have been asked to answer this for “Electus Matari ground forces”, so let me make this very clear: there is no such thing as Electus Matari ground forces.

Electus Matari is an organization for independent capsuleers in space. We do not maintain or provide armed forces other than our capsuleer fleets and the necessary dock/hangar security etc.

Any allied groundside forces are the sole responsibility of their independent commanding officers and will have to be negotiated with separately.

Thank you;

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Head Diplomat
Electus Matari


Your comment is unhelpful and makes little sense. deSilvestris Household Forces have acted in accordance with their direct orders, though I appreciate that this may not align with your personal narrow view of how Amarrian military personnel act.

At no point have I asked for my soldiers not to be viewed as non-combatants. I have not asked for terms of quarter nor do I intend to. I have asked for innocent civilians to be allowed to leave before your final assault begins. It would appear that some of you are not the vaunted defenders of “your people” that you would have most of New Eden believe. Your threat to use NBC weapons without apparent consideration of whether or not that evacuation can be secured rather proves my point. However, I do appreciate the intelligence information.

I have no inclination to attempt communications with those uninterested in assisting the civilians of this settlement. You have made your childish threats and unimaginative intentions quite clear. I shall save my responses for those actually willing to help innocent men, women, and children.

I suggest human shield tactics. Either the Minmatar will refrain from attacking until Amarr space superiority can be reestablished and the threat removed, or they will attack and God will be glorified as the Minmatar destroy their own people. Either way, the Chosen People of God achieve something.

Captain de Silvestris may have ulterior motives, or not. But you, Nauplius, are unquestionably a monster.


Well at least he’s regarding them as human now. That’s an improvement.

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I shall do no such thing. deSilvestris Household Forces are not, have never been, and shall never be, butchers. So long as it is in my power, I will not allow the civilian men, women, and children of East Hav to needlessly die. If their evacuation cannot be secured, then I shall find other means to reduce or nullify the risk of non-combatant casualties. Unfortunately, I have no power over whether or not enemy forces use indiscriminate weapons or tactics, but that is on their conscience.


Perhaps you should come to Floseswin.

I’d simply adore meeting you in space.

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She was asking Honorable warriors.
That obviously doesn’t involve YOU.

You dare to blame someone in being antagonist, while you yourself was jumping into threads just for the sake of trolling. He did it here, he did that in the past:

Calling me foolish? Or saying like I could speak “general idiocy”?

Go back under that bridge where you were hiding.

Lady deSilvestris the terms are agreeable, and if Ms. Andeland wishes my people to escort her people out I would be happy to do so.

Ms. Andeland I will have my second in command contact you with the next 24 hours, as I’m sadly still bound to a hospital bed.

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