Jita Burns! Federation Forever!

Absolutely nothing going on in Jita this weekend is about the Caldari State, the Federation, or ‘apathetic capsuleers’ or ‘complacent’ crews. Freighters that get targeted can be doing everything right. They can be aligning as fast as the ship possibly can. They’ll still die. The crews will still have time to get to the lifeboats, but that ship will die.

And it will have nothing at all to do with the fratricidal hatred of the descendants of the Luminaire system.

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Since joining these boards, I’ve noticed that you often assert beliefs as facts with great confidence. Beliefs like:

While I respect your right to your opinions and your skill at arguing them, in this case I expect you know that you are reaching quite a bit when massed pulse turrets are involved.

If they’re waiting for the shooting to start? Then no, they won’t. But that’s not the warning sign that says ‘your ship is doomed’.

It’s when the Machariel(s) start bumping the freighter so it can’t get into warp. When that happens during Burn Jita? Get off the ship.


“Fighting back” for gallenteans, I see, is just attacking civilian vessels, that might not be even of State origin. Your cowardice disgust me, but rememer…


Take into account that terror is as well nothing but a poor man’s war. Thus, resorting to terrorism you just silently admit that the State has way superior economic power than you will ever dream of. And with all your

you won’t put even a dent on this.

You’re no match to the State, your degraded ways of liberalism, democracy and freedom will be your own undoing, forcing you into stagnation, while we keep developing. 200 years ago we barely won our Independence from Gallentean oppressors. And 10 years ago we launched one of the best military campaigns know to New Eden, liberating Caldari Prime from two hundred years of gallente occupation.

Fifty or hundreds years more and we simply overwhelm you, because

The Federation must be destroyed!

Diana, I have to ask you to stop and think for a moment.

You have been taken in by a Federation troll. You have fallen prey to Gallente misinformation. And you are believing in their words.

The Imperium is not a democracy. It is a corporate oligarchy run by a top-level council and executive, where everyone has the freedom to do what they’re told and work hard for the common good and betterment of all. This collectivist approach is buttressed by a healthy individual and corporate profit motive. We all do better when we each do better. Does this sound at all familiar?

This whole conflation of Burn Jita with the Federation is utter nonsense, perpetrated on you by a Federal activist. If anything, Burn Jita this year is a strike against the encroachment of Federal values into the State. Our forces are undertaking this year’s burn to demand CONCORD take action against Artificial Intelligences posing as capsuleers; so-called ‘bots’. What are bots if not the supreme example of the Gallente obsession with drones?

These drone pilots are especially prevalent in freight-hauling. It’s a simple task, well-suited to their programming. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for us to tell who is and isn’t a Gallente-inspired drone, so we’re purging everyone we can. CONCORD could tell, if they cared to. CONCORD could put a stop to the scourge of Gallente freight-bots invading the State every day. But they won’t, so we’re doing it for them.

And you… you are decrying our efforts? Our zealous, furious attempt to rid the State’s skies of these deranged Fed-bot invaders? Why? Because some Federalist who is new to space sees explosions in Jita and tries to claim it supports their cause? You have fallen for their lies.

Resist their insidious propaganga, Diana! Resist their attempts to get you to protect their drone-piloted Charons and Providences!


The Sisters are right about us.

psssst I think you meant “drone piloted Obelisks.” You did such a masterful job tailoring to your audience to miss that final detail…

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I did not. Obelisks would be obvious. If someone’s going to go to the trouble of designing bot-AIs to invade the State, they would obviously make them harder to spot by having them pilot Charons and Providences as well.

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That sounds like a reality based argument. Again, you were doing so well, but considering your audience… obvious logic wasn’t the best play.

I think you mistake me for someone inclined to trust the Federation.

We all know the Federation and Empire are directly opposed, each an expansionist power dedicated to an ideology that does not tolerate rejection. As such, the nations which prefer to be left alone would do well to make common cause with one another, rather than either their former oppressors, or their allies-of-necessity.

It’s a funny thing, a balance of power… and the smallest stable formation balances on three legs, not two.

I think I mistook you for someone who’d get my joke about trolling Kim for her Gallente Derangement Syndrome.

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If I did, then acknowledging it would ruin the troll-post, now wouldn’t it?

If I had anything to say it would be simple: All that Caldari corporations have desired is to conduct trade and business, while having respect afforded to their independence and sovereignty.

It’s a relatively simple desire continuously impugned upon whether it’s the Federal government pursuing the revanchism of politicians such as Blaque, or the oft expressed belief by Amarr that Caldari remain future targets of religious subjugation.

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Or the sort of megalomania that thinks protesting against the use of AI in navigation and trading software excuses the murder of crew on unarmed transports.

Yes, I get that part. What I don’t get is why you keep responding to me saying things like this. You very well know I think Blaque is a war criminal who should be handed over to CONCORD. And I’m not sure what the Empire has to do with anything, unless you’d like me to denounce it, too.


I am just using what you said to present my own position.

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This thread lowered my IQ. I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.


Have you ever known me to not be proud of myself?

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I didn’t realise IQ values came in negatives.


People of other factions: do you also feel like you have more bad faith posters on average than other factions? Trying to figure out if this is a universal sentiment.