Jita Burns! Federation Forever!


I might be one of them.


If it makes you feel better, I got a laugh out of that.

Sometimes I think to myself, “Natasiya, you should post something meaningful and intelligent, or at the very least thoughtful.”

Then I realize I would be posting to the IGS and such effort is not required.

So no, I do not realize the representation of bad faith posters beyond acknowledgement I am a very bad poster here.

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You know, unlike your kind, I can think without stopping.

Which you clearly didn’t do before writing this post. “Imperium” means “Empire”. We’re talking about Federation, not Empire, and I cannot fathom how you even manage to confuse these terms and governments. Federation IS ran by archaic democratic government (or, actually, pseudo-democratic, which doesn’t make it any better, tbh). And the Empire is run by Emperors. Or… Imperators, if you prefer that language.

Pretty much, yes. It is a typical nonsense, spread by federation egocentric individualistic propaganda, that sparks worst from people, already leaning into selfish interests. Proper form of this statement shall be reverse: “We each do better when we all do better”. Only when you can put collective interests above your own petty selfish ones the society can prosper.

And thank you for another example of minmatar grade of argument.
I am done here.

I am not sure if Diana Kim is the Black Eagle’s greatest achievement, or its most obvious.

Secondly, Imperium doesn’t mean Empire. Imperium is Amarrish for power. It is the other side of the coin to auctoritas, which you will note they were going to name the new flagship. Auctoritas is power through influence and respect; Imperium is power through force.

Explaining Amarrish nuances to a non-native speaker is not my forte, I apologize.


Technically, “Empire” means “power” as well.

But I am not sure I am interested in wasting my precious time on argument on linguistics with such a troll.
Have a nice day and don’t bother me anymore.

And the ones burning Jita last weekend were us, the nullsec coalition named ‘The Imperium’, not the Federation.

The construction I used is accurately seen as ‘individual improvement ultimately serves the collective’. The construction you used makes collective effort a means to individual gain.

I’m sorry, do you not know the word ‘buttressed’?

I mean, I know it took you until 2d after the Burn ended to think of how to respond, but you can do better. I believe in you!

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Ah, I see your problem then. Too egocentric, turning everything to discussion of yourslelf and and your petty insignificant nullsec coalition. Have you read the whole post? There was not a single word about your puny “Imperium”.

“Burn”… looks like only you have it. I simply didn’t want to waste my time on answering to your typical kind of argument, and you show once again why I really shall not engage with you any further.

You mean the one entitled ‘Jita Burns!’?

Where the Federal idiot tries to claim our efforts as theirs?


I would say both State and Federation share more in common now than that which divides us, and peaceful relations are more beneficial to both our peoples.

I consider it unfortunate that while Kaalakiota has curbed a recent trend towards territorial and historical revanchism in contravention of the YC12 Armistice between our two nations that such tendencies continue among the unelected officials of the Federal intelligence and military establishment as well as its military-industrial complex.


Let the Galaxy burn…

My moons, yes. Something about that seems so blasted warped - we gave that power to the President, a civilian, in hopes that they would add a humane perspective to an inherently inhumane “responsibility,” and Fioritan and Roden and Blaque ■■■■■■■ perverted it. They’re highly educated people. There’s no chance that they didn’t know the rationale for including that in the Further Federation Act. There’s no chance that they didn’t consider that, and then ignore it and do whatever the ■■■■ they wanted anyway.

There’s no question in my mind that we need to clean house and start researching potential military reform. I don’t think it’s enough to remove the bad actors, though, I do fancy the idea of forming a special tribunal. The legal mechanisms that allowed bad actors to entrench themselves to begin with must be remedied, because with Federation megacorporate support, it wouldn’t be hard to exploit those mechanisms a second or third time.

I’m not sure what those reforms might look like. I’d hope they’d erect hard barriers between the private defence industry and the military. I don’t think they should share talent nor trade employees, and I don’t think they should be allowed unsupervised communication, operational security be damned. I also wonder if we should really trust the President with control over the military, or if we should move that authority to another part of government. Keeping both the military and the bureaucracy close to each other seems to muddle what should be pretty clear boundaries.

I’d suspect people’s uncertainty regarding Federal Intelligence is mostly centered around that boundary-muddling. It doesn’t seem to obviously belong to either the military or the bureaucracy, which makes regulation nightmarish, I imagine. If it belongs to the military, then it doesn’t matter if its members are unelected - if it belongs to the bureaucracy, then its sprawling internal jurisdiction isn’t terribly important. Taken together, it’s egregious.

But, um, that’s mostly speculation. It’s easy enough to know that something’s broken and needs to be fixed. It’d take experts and a great deal of research to really definitively say how something got broken and the best way to fix it, and I’m not an expert, nor do I have a great deal of research to offer.

Clearly, though, the Caldari Great Families have already begun doing their half of the work. It’s about time we get started, ourselves.


I will not comment on the nature of potential political reform within the Federation, I am not a Federal citizen so it is not my affair. However, in my view as a person external to the Federation, I do see a dichotomy in its governance: in which there exists a democratically elected civilian government, and what I would describe as a parallel government which functions almost as a cabal comprised of military officers, intelligence officials, business leaders, and military industries.

It is the nature of this parallel government within the Federation that most concerns and impacts relations with the Caldari State which it continues to view as hostile. This is unsurprising to me because the institutions which have the most to gain from continued hostilities against the Caldari State became influential during the century of war which preceded the YC12 Armistice. Men such as President Roden or Mentas Blaque are not a cause in themselves of present or future confrontation between the State and Federation but rather a symptom of a political environment within the Federation which may have been necessary during wartime but which, to me at least, has never been fully abandoned.

The result is the continued influence and power of a faction within the Federation which attracts the more zealous, militant, and hawkish opposed to the (generally) more progressive and moderate policies of elected representatives hailing from the populous polities of Essence and Sinq Liaison. This has created a continued situation over the past century since the Armistice in which rapprochement is continuously stymied by this influential faction which has sought to retain its power gained in war against the Caldari State – often through dubious or undemocratic means. An example of this would be the ability of the Federal military industries lead by then CEO Jacus Roden to effect in weeks that which years of Senate politicking could not: the ouster of President Foiritain.

I do not think the leadership of Caldari corporates are unaware of this dynamic which exists within the Federation. That it does exist, and the power of hawks and militarists remain strong in the power structures of the Federation will always set the tone of Caldari State policies regarding the Federation. That being open to trade and business with Federal member-states is mutually beneficial, but the potential for Federal level intervention or policies of confrontation and containment against Caldari enterprise exist due to the hawks in the Federation whom hold power at present.


We in the State already have CBT, which, I believe, can help your problems provided you pay us for the work. Moreover, I think it will be profitable to both sides if we trial those Federal governers and officers who planned and participated in the disaster and atrocity known as “Operation Highlander” for crimes against humanity. It could even be a first step towards actual peace between our people.

No thanks. As far as I know, the only “war crime” attempted during Operation Highlander was ordered by Tibus Heth. Maybe you could turn yourself in for aiding and abetting?

However, I would support a full investigation of SDII operations in Black Rise. Any “off the books” operations that have been conducted outside the bounds of Federation law should be halted and those responsible brought to justice. Particularly, the conduct of high profile FIO leaders like Director Mentas Blaque and Lead Field Agent & Adminstrator Thoun Gaterau should be closely scrutinized for illegal activity.

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It is truly MINDBOGGLING how gallenteans DARE to blame us in crimes we DIDN’T commit, while ignoring what they did themselves.
Did we really EXECUTE any illegal order? What damage to property caused this? How many casualties this order brought?

On the other hand, we have the real monsters on the other side, where we can list both their atrocious actions and their consequences.
First of all, actions in the chronological order:

  1. Violation of treaty of YC110 and occupation attempt of the planet outside of warzone.
  2. Illegal smuggling of Federal military and/or paramilitary units into Caldari territory (Caldari Prime, acc. to treaty of 10.06.YC110)
  3. Instead of attacking the sentry fleet (including a titan) on a stationary orbit, gallente forces lured it first into low orbit of inhabited planet and attacked it only when it became supporting ground troops in a vulnerable to the planet position.

Actions took by gallente were targeted against civilian population on the planet, either forcing the titan to fire on them, or destroying the titan and dropping it on the planet.

Despite gallente plan of detonating titan on the planet surface failed, thanks to Adm. Yanala who disarmed the missiles before the impact, their atrocious operation caused a multitude of civilian deaths, damaged property and destroyed landmark on the surface of the planet.

Of course, damage of the warships, whole guarding fleet with CN Shiigeru can be considered as a military loss and shouldn’t be added to list of destruction caused by gallente warcrimes, but we always shall remember, that these ships were guarding a CIVILIAN planet from gallente aggression and died as heroes, protecting Caldari people from gallentean occupants.

The scar that this atrocious operation left on Kaalakiota mountains, this giant crater will be reminding us for thousands of years about gallentean warcrimes.

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Oh, and that part is especially ridiculous.

Forgot to give a reply on that, but I can’t lose such an awesome opportunity to splatter verbally a gallentean for such a blunt. First of all, aiding and abetting is just roles in a criminal conspiracy and turning yourself “for” aiding and abetting is same as turning yourself for… executing… or organizing. While first and foremost it’s the crime you’re punished for.

Second, there are four roles:

  1. Organizer - one who, by definition, organizes a crime or leads, guids or otherwise manages the crime, just as a person who creates and/or manages a criminal group.
  2. Executor - one who conducts the crime or directly participates in it.
  3. Abettor - a person who convinces other person to commit a crime by persuasion, bribe, threat or any other mean.
  4. Assistant - one assist a crime by advices, directions, information, provides tools or removes obstacles, as well as a person who beforehand agreed to help to conceal the crime or participants of the crime, their tools and traces, or items obtained, as well as a person who agreed to buy or sell these items.

It might be difficult to predict what exact “aid” you mean when you called out me for that, but YOUR words were “aiding and ABETTING”.
And, excuse me… nobody in sane mind would even dare me to blame in abetting of giving orders of our Executor. I mean, I would be TREMENDOUSLY honored if he would even read anything I’ve wrought, but… lets be realistic. What you said - exactly the “Abetting” part is an utter crap, and just for that I could countersue you for slander, and I’d be extremely curious whether you ever be able to present at least one evidence, even forged, in me committing an abetting of this “crime” - which, technically, wasn’t even a crime, as I have mentioned in my reply above.

And returning one more time to the theme I set in my previous answer, whether gallente dare to blame Caldari in what we didn’t commit (where abetting is clearly even theoretically couldn’t have happened) while evading their own responsibility, since you’ve turned it on a personal level, I have to ask YOU personally:
Were YOU present back then in Luminaire and participated in any way in that atrocious operation? Because if you did, you clearly can count as a full-fledged co-executor of a crime with all the following consequences.

Care to turn yourself in?

Abetting just means assisting. You were there “just following orders” along with the rest of the Provist bootlickers, which means you were there assisting. Someone with a better memory than mine, or perhaps even chatlogs, can attest to your words and deeds that day in more detail. I do remember, however, that even after Heth ordered the genocide of Caldari Prime you continued to support him. Hell, you never stopped supporting him, even after the CEP declared him a terrorist and he fled into exile.

As far as I’m concerned, you are complicit in every crime committed by the State Protectorate, the Caldari Providence Directorate, and Heth’s regime generally. It is amusing to see your legalistic squirming now after all these years, when you’ve always been so proud to be a good little fascist in the past.

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Well done, you have done 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% damage to jita :], your mom’s would be proud.

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You didn’t even answer for your crimes, and instead make this crap up. Really, gallentean? Are you deluded? If there was an order to “genocide Caldari Prime”, it can go only from gallentean side.

If there would be at least ONE… :rofl: