Burn Dodixie!

Caldari & Serpentis is attack Dodixie!
Requirement:Caldari Race Only!
Begin 8/12!

Good luck. Though a burn Jita would be more fun.

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Have fun with the 20 or so pilots outside the station.

Whenever I get there it is more like 3-5 people at most plus the usual traffic which is very low too, but usually less, so 20 sounds like some rare peak time instead. :rofl:

Is that 12 minutes past 8 AM or PM? But never mind, I’m Gallente, I’m not allowed to participate anyway. Racist!

So that’s how this events get organized. Some guy posts that someone at some time does something.


If youre going to burn Dixie, youre going to have a bad time. Youll have a lot of professional station campers, suspect baiters, and fighters waiting on you. Youll be the only one that burns.

Shhhh, don’t discourage him, how am I gonna make :popcorn: using the :fire: from his burning ships if you scare him away? :wink:

I want to watch all the ships burn.

Shouldn’t there also be a Dodixie Impromptu Defense Fleet of Unaligned Capsuleeers. We can call it DIDFUC for short.

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I wish you well in this endeavour (are you the person that bought thousands of Light Neutron Blaster II from me in Dodixie recently?) but the system has been dead for a while.

This sounds great , hopefully you arent the only person who is going to do this

All of this High Sec burning taking place when there are gate campers just on the other side of the gates near Jita in .4 space that could be ganked. Not to mention the large numbers of other ships that pose a real challenge. Ships that can and will actually fight back.

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Have you ever been in a 20 man circle jerk, whooo doggy.

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