The Rookie Wildlife Nature Preserve

So with “Twist The Knife” only a few days off, or so it should seem, as the Blue Donut hasn’t acted on it yet, I wanted to ask the CSM what exactly are the preventative measures put in place - if any exist at all - to keep the likes of this latest Burn Jita from harming players less than thirty days old?

This is not complaint about Burn Jita, I’ve been around long enough to understand and accept - begrudgingly - the nature of burns. But the Mittani has been quite explicit in his intent to harm CCP - for spawning Drifters by the hundreds next to them and the Null blackouts - by not only targeting the hubs and everyone in and around them, he also intends to harm the newest and/or less experienced players that have never left High and such.

This would hurt everyone, not just the intended target. I noticed that rookie griefing - which this counts as in my book, discounting everyone else it affects - does violate the Terms of Service, but what can be done to prevent the event in the first place? Retribution and vengeance after the fact doesn’t do much when all it takes is ten Tornadoes to appear out of nowhere, lock, and alpha strike anyone in the system, at least once. All it takes is one strike to hurt someone that’s barely even begun their journey.

And even if it wasn’t just the rookies, it’s also everyone else they come across. I’m less worried about myself, at worst I might log off for a few days and every other day hop on to clear out the trash, HTFU.

But newbies have no grasp on the scale and threat posed before them. What is so special about the specified rookie and level one SoE arc systems that make them safe?

What can be done?


Pretty sure the “burn highsec” thing was called off because the new NPC rats got toned down and the nullsec blackout starts tomorrow. Nobody wants to be in highsec when fun things are happening in null.

Furthermore, there have been many “burn highsec”, “burn Jita”, “hulkogeddon” type events over the years. Enough to say with confidence that these things don’t hurt new players and don’t hurt the game. They do the opposite, in fact, because they provide engaging content - and new players do seem to enjoy engaging content.

So you’re just fearmongering. Our goon overlords will no doubt burn highsec again soon, at a time of their convenience, and good times will be had by all.

Any other time, you would be correct, and my initial speaking up would not be speaking up a all. I just wouldn’t say anything, since who’d listen? I’d be stirring up nonsense.

But this is the kicker. Twist The Knife is the Mittani’s words, not mine.

That’s just how Mittens talks. He’s great at giving motivational speeches. Over dramatizing everything is part of his style. It works well - the point is to keep Goons logging in and feeling as if they are doing something significant. I have nothing but admiration for that aspect of his leadership.

Don’t get too excited over words. Words are wind. CCP made nullsec much less fun with these annoying drifter NPCs, so Goons were trying to adapt to that bad situation, which obviously sucked for their members, by stirring up some content in highsec to keep themselves busy until the drifter thing could blow over.

Then to make up for that earlier horrible design decision with the drifter rats, CCP announced the blackout starting tomorrow, which will make nullsec way, way more fun than usual. So congratulations, they already did exactly what you’re asking for and prevented the entire “burn highsec” event. You just didn’t get the memo, apparently. You have to keep up, friendo, things happen fast sometimes.

im confused. how is the mitani gonna get a null sec invasion to spawn in high sec to impeed newbros?? if he was able to achieve this then surly he would be banned for use of some as yet un documented exploit.

or am i missing something.

FYI hulkageddon 1 - 4 were great really fun events planned for and run by the players.

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