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So with “Twist The Knife” only a few days off, or so it should seem, as the Blue Donut hasn’t acted on it yet, I wanted to ask the CSM what exactly are the preventative measures put in place - if any exist at all - to keep the likes of this latest Burn Jita from harming players less than thirty days old?

This is not complaint about Burn Jita, I’ve been around long enough to understand and accept - begrudgingly - the nature of burns. But the Mittani has been quite explicit in his intent to harm CCP - for spawning Drifters by the hundreds next to them and the Null blackouts - by not only targeting the hubs and everyone in and around them, he also intends to harm the newest and/or less experienced players that have never left High and such.

This would hurt everyone, not just the intended target. I noticed that rookie griefing - which this counts as in my book, discounting everyone else it affects - does violate the Terms of Service, but what can be done to prevent the event in the first place? Retribution and vengeance after the fact doesn’t do much when all it takes is ten Tornadoes to appear out of nowhere, lock, and alpha strike anyone in the system, at least once. All it takes is one strike to hurt someone that’s barely even begun their journey.

And even if it wasn’t just the rookies, it’s also everyone else they come across. I’m less worried about myself, at worst I might log off for a few days and every other day hop on to clear out the trash, HTFU.

But newbies have no grasp on the scale and threat posed before them. What is so special about the specified rookie and level one SoE arc systems that make them safe?

What can be done?

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Why do you care?

Nothing is being done. If players can’t get over a highsec gank early on then the game wasn’t well suited for said players


I dont think it violates ToS. Griefing can be applied only if they specifically followed that newbie and killed several times all over the EvE which is not the case.

They will cite something along the lines of: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Golden_Rules

I highly doubt it will happen but if it does, CCP might intervene if it’s conducted in Rookie Systems.

I urge those newbros to jump in a T1 dessie and go join the fun! You can shoot alot of things that a little bit of PvE will fix…

Seriously just try it, even for the vets who haven’t done something wild and crazy. Even if you blaze in fire never forget that capsuleers are immortal. :muscle:

If you’re inclined to be more of the righteous type, then shoot at the shooters instead.

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