Operation Desoterization. Part II. Eha siege

State Protectorate Logistic Support Station,
Eha, Inolari, Black Rise
22 June, YC123

Rejoice, Citizens!
Today the long standing enemy of Caldari State, the GMVA (Villore Accords alliance) have finally lost it’s last (according to our recent intel) foothold in Black Rise, the astrahus citadel in Eha, closing another chapter in the ongoing conflict. That citadel represented the major threat to the whole Inolari constellation and it was a staging point for quite aggressive pilots that were constantly harassing all nearby systems. The fights for this citadel lasted for two months before the justice was finally delivered.

The modern confrotnation was given a spin when GMVA together with pirate supporters of WANG (Pen is Out alliance) invaded Black Rise and tried to hold the whole warzone as a “gift” to GMVA leader - an infamous for his terrorism (e.g. his Okkamon ‘operation’) against Caldari State “insurgent presidential candidate” Julianus Soter (whose surname gave a name for the operation) for his election campaign.

During their push one of the greatest resistance to gallente invaders was organized from Asakai fortress and nearby systems of Kurala constellation. However, 23 of March last year the Fortress has fallen. And the next day Enaluri, the last free from gallenteans system, was lost. But the gallente invaders weren’t given time to rest on laures and just in four days, the system of Hasama has been liberated from gallente occupants, next day (29 March) Ikoskio has been liberated and it immediately was turned into the main base of operations against invaders in Kurala. For 5 of April we have occupied Gallente major population world of Intaki to pull Villore Accord’s powers away from State systems, but it didn’t work, since they preferred to entrench in Caldari systems instead of ‘saving’ Intaki. Only after a month of pressure the gallente threat has been expelled from Asakai and the fortress was restored at 23 April of YC122.

For the next couple on months we have found out that the invaders have dug in quite firmly in our systems. Villore Accord’s main base of operations was moved into Prism, where it was reinforced by astrahus-grade citadel “Haskins Memorial”. The system was liberated only 2 June of YC122 after series of fights and lost structures. The Villore Accords have promised to be back, since they still had their citadel operational in the system and it remained there as a constant threat to peace and prosperity of Kurala constellation. The presence of their structure has resulted in following loss of Prism in 24 October of last year and a lightning strike campaign that has liberated it just in two days, restoring order in the system 3 November YC122. It was obvious that gallente citadel had to be destroyed.

The first chapter has been closed 20 December YC122 when the Haskin’s memorial was turned into fireworks right about ten days before the New Year celebrations. The order and security has been restored to Kurala constellation, and the justice to GMVA has been delivered.

Mere days after that the WANGS have been split into two groups, one of which remained in Black Rise, second one has left to Amarr warzone. GMVA have followed them, leaving first service to the Federaion and re-enlisting themselves for Minmatar Republic. (Should they be called “GM” VA after that or “MM” VA, is an open question, but since their short name is still GMVA, we’ll continue addressing them as such). And it could be considered a victory and establishing undoubtful space superiority against GMVA in Caldari warzone, until…

Until it was found that some of GMVA pilots were still active in Black Rise, operating in Eha solar system and were messing with State pilots who were trying to liberate the system. The vector of the attack has been drawn, the forces were relocated and the siege of Eha has began. The Marine Division alliance have deployed in Innia, and yours truly with a small squad of loyal pilots have deployed into Kinakka, which was a one system further, but it allowed to avoid long warps of Innia. Three days since the deployment started, to 2200 of April, 28 the Eha solar system has been liberated.

In Eha there were two more GMVA astrahuses, one next to the station, second one in the deep spot. Our forward base operations have been moved to Eha system. Gallente invaders didn’t plan to move out and began harassing both Eha and nearby systems, staging from these citadels.

The first astrahus has been taken down with ease just 6th of May, however the second one, which was put next to the Protectorate station, was defended rather furiously. Villore Accords were bringing in Electus Matari, Guardians of the Gate and other gallente- or matari- aligned organizations to defend their structure. Finally they even began bringing in Snuffed Out allaince against our fleets.

We have been attacking it almost on a cooldown since Eha liberation for two months. And this persistence and determination paid out. Today we have planned a very large assault and have gathered fleet strong enough to compete even with Snuffed Out shall they come in support of gallente structure again… and yet, nobody came. Neither gallente, nor minmatars, nor Snuff. The citadel was destroyed with a minimal resistance, being protected by the citadel operator alone.

But even if the final was so banal and trivial, it is still a great achivement, a conclusion of two-month long fights, constant reinforcings, fights for both armor and even shields, and finally, obtaining a significant result: destroying main Villore Accords reshipping and clone station in Black Rise.

Thus the second chapter has been closed. But it doesn’t mean the fight is over. Villore Accords still have facilities in Oicx and Vlillirier, their pilots still terrorize Amarr warzone, WANG alliance still has their fort intact, some traitors who betrayed the State during GMVA push are hiding somewhere in Federation, some systems of Black Rise are still under Gallentean oppression, and even parts of our very Homeworld are still occupied by Federal invaders. There is still many things to be done, a lot of work, sieges and assaults we have to plan and execute before we can finally obtain our well deserved Victory and following Peace.

But for now, lets celebrate this significant landmark.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Strike Cmdr.


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