Mercury News : Ashitsu freed from the Gallente! / Fliet Fortizar reinforced again

YC124 5/12 1:20 NEST

The past 24 hours have rounded out another victory for the State Protectorate forces! Following the liberation of Hysera in the Citadel region earlier today; another system in Black Rise has been freed from the FDU forces. Following initial strikes and fleet operations from Mercury Arms inc, an additional combined force featuring pilots from State Public Defenders, United Caldari Space Command, and Jump to Lightspeed, quickly and decisively routed the remaining Gallente forces and secured essential system infrastructure. United we stand as Caldari defenders against the Gallente menace and their privateer allies and I thank our State allies assisting in the field as well as our supporters in the home regions of the State.

In additional news, a structure commonly utilized by Gallente forces stationed in Fliet is once again besieged by pirate warlords. Reports from independent scavengers and their holovideo footage indicate little resistance was formed against the fleet of primarily of Triglavian Leshaks and Angel Cartel Machariels fielded by the pirates of “Snuffed Out”. Only time will tell if the Federation forces and their allies can save the Fortizar again or if it will be destroyed during the hull repair window.


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