Another failed Assault - Heydieles

As the Gallente front keeps breaking under the weight of focused Caldari efforts.
Few Systems remain strongly in the hands of the Gallente … for now.

One of these Systems, Heydieles, despite being vulnerable at multiple occasions refuses to “flip”.

Another attempt to overtake the Infrastructure Hub by Caldari Forces was repelled today.
This time however by a combined effort of a local pirate group and Gallente Militia.
While Gallente Militia fielded a very minor resistance, the local Pirates under the flag of R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. decided to defend the Infrastructure with a fully fletched Leshak Fleet after loosing roughly 1.5B ISK in Skirmish Vessels to the Caldari Attack Force. After the defenders suffered this crushing blow, they decided to upship into the Leshak Fleet, forcing the Attackers to stand down and once again leave Heydieles in the hands of the Gallente Federation.

Caldari pilots inquired about this newly formed pact between the Gallente Militia and R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. through diplomatic channels.

So far the Feedback provided suggested that in a desperate attempt to hold Heydieles, Gallente Diplomats managed to bribe the Pirates to do the dirty work for them as their already overstretched forces are unable to mount any formidable defense commented a R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. Capsuleer

It is also noteworthy that Heydieles is considered the home of this notorious Pirate group. Previously located in the Hysera and Oshaima pocket. It is rumored that R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. relocated to Heydieles after taking multiple losses, being forced to withdraw deeper into low security space to lick their wounds, thus ending up in Heydieles.

The bribe that was paid by Gallente authorities at this moment is undisclosed.
Though being rumored to be in the hundreds if not thousands of crates of Spirits and a monthly fixed amount of Exotic Dancing perfomances while the agreement exists.

Gallente officials are denying any cooperation between the two stating “It is their home, what do you expect” not commenting further on why both the small Gallente Defense Force and Pirate Vessels held the field together, not engaging each other.

State Intelligence Officers are working hard to find out if any more agreements between the Gallente and local Pirate groups exist and what this development could mean for the future liberation of Warzone Systems from Gallente occupation.

If anything this shows the pure desperation of the Gallente Federation and that the State is nearing a complete victory over the Gallentean aggressors and occupiers.

I for one, look forward to scorch Villore once again.

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There are more pirates in cal/gal fw fleets then Militia. Gals batphone the lical yarr clubs for literally everything.

Come to Amarr Militia, less systems means more fights and less hubs to bash. Plus the old gallente are minmatar Militia. Amatar is better than tama for small engagements imo. And theres not 1 trig system that I have seen yet. We have tier 5 atm due to great leadership and players undocking.

Black rise and placid are just farmlands for amarr and minmatar. The faster you realize that the more enjoyment you will get put of fw.

An interesting proposal however the easy access to Jita and the good pay Caldari Militia offers are some of the reasons why I prefer to sell my “services” to them.

I didn’t realize that more tabloids started broadcasting to the IGS! This is entertainment gold.

And the pendulum continues to swing.

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Good to see the Protectorate doing well. Good job so far.


Yup. We ceasefired to prevent that. Minmatar Militia covered Frerstorn and Ontorn. Amarr Militia covered Oyonata. Three day slog in each system. Neither EDENCOM nor the Triglavians was permitted a foothold.

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