Message to Caldari Militia from The Foiritan Wings

The Foiritan Wings is not a corporation, alliance or coalition. It’s a small community consisting of Gallente militia pilots and its friends, founded in the beginning of 2019 as a mean to protect Gallente systems in the war-zone. On behalf of this community I’d like to leave a little message for Caldari Militia.
First of all I want to say that we don’t have any intention to harm Caldari militia, let alone making it go out of existence. Robust contest and fights are crucial for our group’s morale, and I’d like to thank all pilots engaging us during plexing activity in Agoze (Private Security Squad corporation), Costolle (SQUIDS. corp and Mr. Jack Xenolith), Deven (Marine Division alliance) and even Alparena (a shy group called Conoco, who were fighting us during first two days of the siege). Special thanks to Ghostbirds alliance, Shadow Cartel and Diana Kim for their huge work in Ladistier system this year.
At the same time I should admit that plexing and protecting bases can make people burn out, especially if it’s followed by the system loss. However, this is not the reason, it’s the consequence of our activity. Our main goal is to protect Gallente systems, i.e. the systems of Essence, Verge Vendor and Placid regions in the war-zone. If some group puts these systems at risk of invasion or prevents us from protecting it, we have to fight this group as much as we can. Yesterday at 5 PM (EST), the infrastructure hub of Deven star system fell under Gallente Militia fleet pressure. It was the last Gallente system occupied by Caldari Militia and the last system The Foiritan Wings was intended to flip in 122 YC. We don’t have any plans to stalk Gallente Militia enemies and flip any more systems outside of our home space.

I hope for understanding and that this information is understood correctly, so we can co-exist with Caldari Militia in the future, where both sides don’t have to spend weekdays, weekends and holidays inside the faction sites, instead of being with friends and relatives. Please fight over your home, not our home.

Stay safe, merry Christmas and happy New Year.



Beautiful attitude… but was actually sad to read top to down…
FW is a tension concept between faction created and seeded by CCP with its all mechanics and income… And fighting against each other for gaining systems and invading in its nature… not holding back either stand at the border and just watching the other side…
It’s CONTENT. And happens with only co-existence of both sides participation and competition …

I hope your message reaches out to caldari militia in the null sec at the wings of ceptors my friend…

I can’t make Caldari Militia do anything of course, i just made our group’s intention clear to the competing side.

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I think you deserve the competition and content all the way with your very descent attitude and sportsmanship … hope all goes better incoming new year friend \o/

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Last week members of Marine Division alliance of Caldari Mitilia invaded Deven star system. Deven is part of Essense, native for Gallente Federation region. I should say we cannot ignore this act of aggression from Caldari Militia and have to cancel the agreement given in the message, because it puts safety of our citizens in danger let alone the infringement of the agreement.

In order to push back the enemy forces The Foiritan Wings community renews the invasion campaign and extends it to the systems of The Citadel region in the warzone.


it’s funny how galmil that killed the fw are talking “sportsmanlike” and then take back the condition they made :stuck_out_tongue: keep it up lowsec is dead cause of you

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