[GMVA] We Will Be Back

Vlillirier, Amevync Constellation, Placid Region

Following our earlier warzone victories in this calendar year, we have witnessed the broad resurgence of Caldari State militia activity, along with an increase in pirate, terrorist, and anarchist activities.

This situation has led to the wide reversals in side lowsec space. Even so, Villore Accords, as an alliance, has dealt considerable damage to the enemy in the past two months. Our pilots have led to or participated in over five hundred billion ISK of ships destroyed. We will continue to fight. We must fight.

Never before has the threat to democracy and freedom in New Eden become more clear. Our adversaries are more ruthless, more zealous, and more obsessive than ever before. They have formed coalitions of pirates, scum, and villainy across two regions of space. There is no level they will not stoop to secure their objectives.

But I will tell you all this. We will be back to Prism. We will be back to every corner of Black Rise. We will liberate every Federation world once again. And we will defeat the Caldari State yet again. Everything that we do now will make us stronger, more resilient, and more lethal to our enemies.

I send a warning to the abetters of Tyranny in the Caldari State Protectorate, and the Caldari Executive Panel: You will regret reopening this conflict and escalating this war, in the midst of the Triglavian invasion crisis. There will be dire consequences for the entire Caldari State. The time has come to finally remove this cult of ultranationalists as a serious threat to the security and stability of New Eden.

To the citizens of the Caldari State, I urge you, rise up. Resist. Throw off the shackles of your Corporate oppressors. It is the only way that you will be able to overcome the storm of this Triglavian crisis and save yourselves. We will stand by to do everything possible to make this happen and support you in this cause of freedom.

The tree of liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of patriots.

Thank you. And good hunting.

Soter out.


You are neither needed, nor wanted, in Kurala, Soter. You make incursions into State territory, then claim you are victims of the pushback? That us retaking our territory is somehow unjust? Of course you do, the Federation is nothing more than a gluttonous beast intending to shove as much into itself as possible. To know that the State, smaller though it is, has stood against your depredations for as long as it has must rankle you.

And don’t pretend that you come from some moral high ground; both the State and the Federation have exploited the talents mercenary and pirate organizations. Both sides freely hire from this pool as well.

Go ahead, renew your war of blood during this time of crisis. Then when the Triglavians invade Federation space, you may find you stand alone. I certainly don’t expect your ilk to assist the State.


When we heard the news coming through that Prism has fallen Federaion had been routed , we celebrated the victorious Caldari Militia .

We toasted the Militia and brave pilots who thought so hard in this battle to give us this victory .

Glory to all who serve in the Militia , Glory to the State .

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The Prism System was never yours to begin with. You attacked the people living there, captured those orbital bodies and occupied space that did not want you there. The region Black Rise is Caldari space and your days of forcing your ideologies and failing governing system onto our people are over. The State will not tolerate your Federation in our space any longer. You have been routed. Your forces are retreating. You have no more power over Black Rise and it shall remain that way. The United Caldari Space Command (UCSC) is the new military powerhouse of the combined might of the Caldari Militia and Caldari State Navy. For your arrogance and aggressive attacks on The State, we will begin to push into Placid and liberate those people living there under your regime. Make no mistake, The UCSC is here to stay and grows in power every day. You will be seeing us more and more by the day and you will dread it. And you will have deserved it…
Loyalty to the State ≡★≡

-Nayrok Fenix
Chief of Navy Operations of the UCSC


Ruthless? Zealous and obsessive? Why thank you :slight_smile:


As long as Soter loses, New Eden wins.


Kurala has been finally beeing liberated from Gallente occupants. We will keep it as is, clean from Gallente invaders and pro-pirate activists like Soter.

Latest developments has shown that insurgent Soter wasn’t liked even in the Federation, and as soldier of the State, who fights against gallente menace and invasion, I would like to tell every citizen, would it be gallente or Caldari: it’s time to end GMVA for good, and hunt them down like rabid dogs. Warmongers like Soter and his wang pets has been terrorizing Black Rise for too long.


Only by eliminating GMVA+WANG threat completely we will ensure Peace and Prosperity in war-torn systems.

Glory to the State!
– D. Kim, Stirke Cmdr.

I was wondering how long it would take for you to say things after the recent successes by your militia.

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