[Federation Day YC125] Miss and Mister Fed Pageant official list of participants

The public’s favorite event on Fed Day, recognizing the most attractive and handsome capsuleers each year.

If you wish to participate, you must send me an evemail before June 16th, or add your name and brief profile description to this thread.

As soon as you announce your participation you are allowed to perform tours, interviews, and all sorts of promotional activities of your preference, with the only requirement that you mention this is a Federation Day sponsored pageant.

Winners and runner-ups are decided by popular choice, so votes can be cast for all participants starting the moment they announce their entry. Votes can only be counted if they are directly submitted to the master of ceremony Alain Colcer for proper tallying and auditing. Results will be announced on June 24th.

This year’s prizes are as follows:

* 1st prize - 1 billion isk,    150 plex, Cruiser SKIN, and Megathron Navy Issue
* 2nd prize - 750 million isk,   75 plex, Cruiser SKIN, and Brutix Navy Issue
* 3rd prize - 250 million isk,   50 plex, Frigate SKIN, and Exequror Navy Issue + Catalyst Navy Issue
* runner up - 250 million isk,   50 plex, Frigate SKIN, and Federation Navy Comet + Maulus Navy Issue

The following space will be updated for each of the registered contestants:

    • xxxx

Good luck to all participants.


I’ve updated the OP with a few more details, feel free to contact me if you need more information.

Alain Colcer
Master of Ceremonies Federation Day

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Good to see you offering the event again, Alain!

When and where are this year’s festivities?

More information on the event is detailed on this thread

Increased prizes for the Pageant event, be sure to sign up for Mister and Miss Federation!.

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