Federation Day YC123 - Miss and Mister Federation - Important Announcement

On Sunday, our candidates for Miss and Mister Federation were presented, and votes were cast to elect this year’s most handsome male and most beautiful female.

However, in an unprecedented turn of events, when votes were counted, we had a clear winner for Mister Federation, but a 3-way tie for Miss Federation. Sponsors had to address the issue of not expecting multiple winners for this important event and therefore had to come up with a solution behind closed doors, after much deliberation, it was decided to recognize all 3 winners with the consequence of splitting and slightly alter the amount of ISK rewarded as prizes for each participant, in compensation a Federation Navy Comet has been added to the list of prizes.

Therefore I announce this year winners and runner-ups as follow:

For the title of Miss Federation YC123 please congratulate
Each will receive a rare Hyperion Aliastra SKIN, along with 150mill ISK and a Federation Navy Comet ship.

As runner-up please congratulate
@Sunshine_Turtle Turtle
Who will receive a rare Incursus Aliastra SKIN, along with 250mill isk

For the title of Mister Federation YC123 please congratulate
Who will receive a rare Hyperion Aliastra SKIN and 500mill isk

And the runner-up
Who will receive a rare Incursus Aliastra SKIN and 250mill isk.

To each of the candidates who participated, to each of the winners, thank you so much for making this an unique event and let’s hope we see each other next year.


It is an honour to share the title with these lovely ladies and it is a tribute to the diversity of the Federation, with Miss Lafleur representing the Gallente with origin in Luminaire, Miss Hennver representing the Minmatar people of the Federation, and I representing the Jin-Mei.


Congratulations to the well deserved winners! It is indeed a remarkably fitting representation of diversity to have not one, not two but three reigning Miss Federation!

And a heart-felt thank you :heart: for everyone who cast a vote for me.


@Alain_Colcer Once again thank you for organising this and thank you to last years Ms. Federation YC122 @Maira_Blackfire for sponsoring this pageant.

To my fellow Miss Federation YC123 @Mimi_Hennver and @Pamitha_Devara congratulations, I couldn’t think of more fitting people to share this crown with. And lastly to everyone who voted not just for me, but for everyone who took part in this years celebrations, thank you!

Vive la Federation!

Sincères Amitiés,

Clementine Lafleur


Congratulations to all participants, and a very Happy Federation Day.

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Well, this is funny.

I do know that Federation is a morally bankrupt nation, but the choice of Mr. Federation? To a person who have committed the most dishonorable act known to men - a treason? How low the Federation could fall to tolerate traitors… I’d love to see your faces when he will betray you too and will run somewhere like Sansha or Blooders, just beacause who are traitors once, they’re traitors forever, they can do it anytime, anywhere.

But that part wasn’t that which made me laugh. Do you aware whom exactly you gave that title, besides just “a traitor”? That was a person who introduced to our (yes, our as Caldari, not yours) militia idea of fighting “Until there is no Gallente on Caldari Prime.” Have you heard any of his speeches from before the treason? It’s not hard to find them, just type into your NeoCom search box: “mantelglobalindustries speech”. You’ll find very “fitting” for Mr. Federation things!

At this point I could say that “and this is why the Federation must be destroyed”, but, really, with all this…

The Federation will destroy itself.
(I just wish it will happen faster).

@MantelGlobalIndustries darling, is the lady above another one you have left unsatisfied? :wink:


Congratulations to all the winners. Certainly a worthy group!


Congratulations to the victors. Good job. Vive la Fédération!


I would like to thank all those who spent their time, effort and their donations to make that memorable.
Together we’ve made the dark space as bright as the sun, united as one !

Congratulations to all those who won in the contest and to those who won in our hearts !

It is truly an honor, to be able to represent the Minmatar citizens of the Federation.
A profusion of thanks to those who trusted me with their votes !

Truly Yours,
Mimi Hennver
Miss Federation YC123


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