CCP - emerjency in Faction Zone!

So if you see and I think you can see that faction zone is dead right now, no gallents aliance anymore and last caldary aliance will be dead soon. More than 80% of systems in frac zone are dead no people no game no pvp. And i think in one or two month - all this territory will be dead too. So the most problem of it, that CCP nothing do for pvp content i repeat - NOTHING! 95% of players are bots and only farming in high or zero systems. And the most problem of this @shirt@ is - NO BALANCE in game. Look you can’t farm isk on high sec for titans and you CCP close this territory for all ships that are higher battle ship. But in low faction systems titans can fly, how? i can’t understand it, why it is possible if no one couldn’t farm in those systems on titans, no mission or other method for erning isk can’t make it. So you should and right now change faction zone rulls -CLOSE SPACE FOR TITANS IN FACTION ZONE, because no aliance couldn’t break or cover their corp or fortizar or other station in Low Faction Zone, I repeat no one! So every caldarian aliance has leaved frac space zone!!! because it’s imposible to protect nothing from titans here!!!
So if you close frac zone space from titans you 'll see how pvp content will rise!!! and a lot of aliance and corporation will back here!!! SO CCP DO not WAIT when eve online is continuing to die… especialy pvp!
You should rebalance game and redrop all snuff’s titans from frac zone to high sec!!!
Most of guys leave game because you nothing do for pvp and for balance in space zone… One aliance (snuff’s) terrorizes all eve - it’s terrible - they destroyed all aliance and structures in frac zone space!!! how - because no balance in game! If you want that titans should fly in frac zone make possible to farm enough plex or other methods to buy titans here and build, and make possibly it for one account . because all those guys have more then 4-7 account and leave in zero sec systems.

So, CCP do not sleep! If you want that eve will rise - make balance in FACTION ZONE!!!




Eventually we just need to accept ccp doesnt give a damn a Faction Warfare/low sec and any that say they do are IGNORANT OR LIARS


I think it’s not a problem just close frac zone from titan’s 100 or 101 systems. It’s very easy if you are a programmer… The problem i think, a lot of guys who is in CCP may be support only one side! So this is a result. They will lose a lot then earn i mean about owners of this game. Because all those who live in null’s don’t bring real money in game and now they destroy content, aliances, corporations, pvp and poeple leave game…

I’m sorry… I know English is not everyone’s first language, and I sincerely hope that it is not yours, but your spelling, grammar, and lack of formatting make this entirely not worth reading. Say nothing for the fact that you’ve offered not one single feasible suggestion to resolve what you state your issues are.

Although… I must admit… spreadsheets in space could be very interesting if we start doing fraction warfare.


Eng. is not my native lng, but it’s not my problem - i mean about problem with titans in low frac systems! it’s problem of all eve, and all corporations and aliance have leaved this space and a lot of guys - game! do not try to turn my post into the bed of my personal problems. It’s not my personal problem, i heared from every corp. director of frac zone that the most problem is in this space are TITANS! so that it. Wonna fly on titant ? - go to zero system or low sec system but no faction zone, only there where you can earn isk for titans thats it, make balance! like in real life, like in high sec etc.

I have no idea. Can you post in your language and I will translate it and try to comprehend?

So… how low of a fraction are we talking about? 1/32nd, or are we gonna go crazy with 1/64th? Sorry.

To address your concern, titans are remarkably easy to kill if they aren’t supported, so just kill them.

If they’re being supported and you can’t kill them and their support, then your problem never was the Titans; the problem was that you’re fighting opponents who are stronger than you, and you’re losing because you’re weaker. This is Eve. Adapt or die.


Если вы видите, а я знаю что вы можете видить, что фракционная зона сейчас мертва, нету больше галентских альянсов и последний калдарский альянс скоро умрет. Больше чем 80% систем в фракционной зоне мертвы, нету людей, нету игры, нет пвп. И я думаю через один - два месяца - вся эта территория также будет мертва.
И так самая большая проблема Этого - то что CCP ничего не делают для ПВП контента, повторяю - НИЧЕГО!
95% играков Евы - боты и фармеры в хай секах или нульсеках, остальные сидят в торговых хабах. И проблемой всего этого является то что - НЕТУ БАЛАНСА в игре. Посмотрите, Вы не можете фармить иски в хаях на титаны (как пример ни один год прийдется фармить чтоб заработать на титан), CCP закрыли доступ титанам в хайсеках, и всем шипам которые больше батла. Но в фракционной зоне титаны могут летать, КАК? Я не могу понять этого, ПОЧЕМУ это возможно если никто не мог бы фармить в этих системах на титаны, нету ни миссий или иных методов чтоб на одном акаунте можно было здесь заработать на титан.
По этому Вы должны и прямо сейчас изменить правила игры в фракционной зоне - ЗАКРЫТЬ СПЕЙС ДЛЯ ТИТАНОВ В ФРАКЦИОННОЙ ЗОНЕ, потому что ни один альянс не может остановить или прикрыть свою корпорацию или фортизар или другой тип станции в фракционной зоне от титанов. Повторяюсь НИКТО! Таким образом, каждый калдарский альянс покинул фракционную зону, потому что не возможно зашитить ничего от титнов здесь!
Итак, если CCP закроют фракционную зону от титанов, ВЫ увидите как вырастит ПВП контент, и много альянсов и корпораций вернутся сюда. Итак CCP не ждите когда ЕВА продолжает умирать, особенно ПВП режим.

Вы должны сделать РЕБАЛАНС игры и перекинуть все СНафские титаны из фракционной зоне в хаи! БОльшенство ребят покинули игру потому что ничего не делается для ПВП и баланса в космосе. Один альянс Снафов терроризирует всю ЕВУ - это ужасно! Они уничтожили все альянсы и структуры в фракционной зоне. Как? - потому что нету баланса в игре! Если Вы хотите (риторический вопрос CCP) чтоб титаны могли летать в фрак зоне - сделайте возможность заработать здесь на титан в ФРАКЦИОННОЙ ЗОНЕ но для одного акаунта а не плодить как делают снафы по 5-10 окон-аккаунтов в игре!

Так что , CCP не спите! Если Вы хотите чтоб ева развивалась и росла - сделайте баланс в ФРАКЦИОННОЙ ЗОНЕ!

п.с. у меня прав как калдарца в разы меньше чем нейтрала который не состоит ни в одной фракционной корпорации!!! - это также большая проблема в еве, которую также CCP не решили на сегодня (CC падает при нападении на нейтрала, центрики в моем спейсе меня бют если я агрюсь на нейтрала, в нпс станцию не могу докнутся если она в фрак зоне противника а нейтрал может, удивительно не???)! Самый большой дизбаланс в игре это ФРАКЦИОННАЯ ЗОНА! ни одна игра в мире без ПВП контента никому не интерестна, а блобить в 2к лиц одну циту или фригат несколькоми титанами говорит только о деградировании и отсуствии контента в даной игре - ПВП режим умирает из-за дизбаланаса! Как пример еще прямо сейчас 91 человк в калдарском ополчении при 20к онлайн, ребята - CCP вы разве не понимаете проблемы , что люди уходят с ИГРЫ из-за дизбаланса а не от того что им не интерестна фрак зона, наоборот все хотят ПВП и ПВП реальных только здесь, но его скоро не будет вобще! кемпы и блобешники которые сутками сидят не относятся никак к ПВП… 20-30 на одного. CCP уже летало здесь на них титанов кинули… и все? на этом закончилось…

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Я прочитал сообщение и рассмотрю пункты один за другим. Я отвечу через несколько часов.

I have read the post and will adress the points one by one. I will reply in a few hours.


You can’t kill titan in faction system if you are in one of fraction, why? because we can’t earn isk for titans in faction zone, only dread but you should spend a lot of time to earn isk for it here… and we can’t dock any titan here, no kipstar, you need live in zero zone for it. So you understand it or not? Neutral has more rulls and power in frac zone then faction’s member… And everyone know if you undock dread they will drop supers that’s end… NO BALANCE!

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If you undock dreads and they undock supers, it’s not balanced? What?

As I said before. You’re fighting a stronger opponent. It’s not imbalanced, it’s just you being stupid and taking fights you can’t take. They’re bringing a better fleet than you are. That’s not their fault, it’s yours for being weak.

Get stronger. There’s plenty of opportunities to do so.

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I agree 100% Faction Warfare is a joke to CCP right now.

It isnt just because of the Titan drops or the Dreadbombs… it is because there is nothing but LP farmers out there who are alts of null and high sec nerds who dont actually DO anything. FW was supposed to be a place for non-blob fights a place where you could feel like you had something to do with the lore instead of a dot in the blob.

Instead of addressing the issue, they let the CSM get overrun with nullsec lemmings.

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I think you are one of snuff or goons, that is it. You never were grait pilots in eve, look at aliance tornament result. So you didn’t understand what u are toking about. You offer 100-200 titans on 1-2 dread and you wonna call it stronger opponent??? are u kidding man? )))) they are not strong they play only blobing any target with their titans and supers. So make it only in null’s, in low faction system pls brind battles or max dreads, that’s it . And it’ll really normally be for all and poeple will back to game. Right now 91 online in caldarian fraction and near 30k in game online, i think it’s terrible, and most of 91 are in our conglomerate caldari militia… so you traying return my post in other bed… and i speaking about problems in Eve not my or my corp or aliance. No one wrote here about it before because time showed that CCP nothing change for PVP they only change smth only that need for bigger conglomerats that’s it.

thanks for understands

Nope… in fact I actively shoot both in my alliance. Make no mistake, I’m a part of a powerbloc yes. We have lots of titans, stupid amounts of supers, and stupid amounts of faxes. But no, I’m not Snuff or a Goon, and I actively welcome the opportunity to counter-drop them with my own capitals (multiple accounts).

And yes… if snuff is dropping 200 titans on you, along with support… they’re a stronger opponent.

As you’re speaking Russian above, allow me an example. Imagine Russia, a clear world superpower, said it was taking some land. We’ll pretend that land is Crimea. Then the tanks roll in, and the Crimean people are angry about how unfair it is, does that really change anything?

No. It doesn’t. It’s a simple case of a big power taking a ■■■■ on a small power. That’s the order of things IRL, and in Eve.

Unlike IRL, however, there is literally nothing stopping you from getting just as strong as Snuff.

You are failing to understand what he is getting at. He isnt complaining just about the numbers of titans and caps… but the fact that FW is a joke. It has been broken for years… it is just about as a complete game as Dust 514 is… LOL.

No, I get that. And I can’t really speak to that because lowsec and FW are of zero interest to me. Apart from a few roams that traveled through LS to get to null, I’ve done virtually no fighting there.

I do see the problems with it even if I don’t participate in it. Supercapitals, however, are not the problem here. Which is what I keep trying to say.

The OP is actively blaming capital hotdrops for FW’s problems. You can’t drop capitals into a plex, last I checked.

YEP! thanks!

Cool down guys… This doesn’t help us.

I have to agree with @Old_Pervert, strongers get stronger and weakers get eaten. That’s the nature of the game.
It’s not that we have chosen to fight snuff, by all means. But the meta forces alliances in FW to that point. After the release of Citadels and the free use in FW zone, you need a Fortizar to become somehow strong.

In terms of titans, the skill injectors and the roquals made it possible that every … noob is able to fly and use a titan from the beginning of his eve carrier… it’s not even that expensive if you just inject for the titan. But that’s IMO a general problem in Eve everywhere.

The issue about FW, and what FW should stand for is somewhere completely different. Yes, the meta also got drawn into the low sec, and war zone control does mean nothing thanks to the citadels. But where it really starts, is with an unbalanced LP Store. At this point, nobody can tell me or anyone else, that there is the same market volume of Gallente Faction Ships compared to Caldari Faction Ships… The volume on VNI is almost infinite.

Citadel destroyed the propose of owning a system, fighting for the warzone. Now, snuff grouped up for about 2 years with gallente, calmil could resist this until lately where it just didn’t make any sense anymore and galls + snuff + goons decided to force Templis and Bloc out of the zone. In all fairness, galls would not be the problem if there would not always be the danger that snuff or goons come if the fight shifts against galls. Around our home system I’ve tried to kill multiple gall structures, the result was eigther goons shows up or snuff showes up and always on the side of gallente. This situation in combination with the citadels makes it actually impossible to accomplish anything.
So we leave it be… last bastion of calmil will most likely be down soon and HECON + UF have to find a new place as well, aka adopt.

This is a sandbox game, and galls decided with their way to play this outcome. No content in Black Rise anymore maybe a chance for solo pvp to kick in again. This is also a nature of Eve or the nature of every being. Something gets destroyed and new fresh things will grow on burned grounds! Let’s hope for the best :wink:

Best Regards,
Chichou Odori

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If it good for you, ok write CCP open high sec systems for capitals! Neutrals has more power and rulls in FW then me, My CC get down when i shoot neutral, netral can jump to beacon and come inside in FW, neutral can dock in NPC station i can’t if this system belongs other faction in FW… interesting i feel like as bird in wolf’s zone and trying to still alive… is it joke “CCP”???