FW How to revive and make attractive again

Easy, instead current awards make Skill Points as awards.
CCP need bold moves today

You can buy sp with isk. You can trade LP for isk. SP is already a reward.


Better rewards for ship kills would be nice; if players were honest…

And thats essentially it isnt it really, having to work around the sneaky greedy player base :frowning:

Better plex’s maybe? different ones with rats that are more akin to burners than well… the crap that’s in there that doesn’t really do a bloody thing. NOT as strong as burners, not even close, just more… dangerous and responsive.
I mean technically there shouldnt be this mission thing thats in place, it should be more dynamic with perhaps it even spreading on occasion to nearby null or highsec?
The plexes are pretty boring lets be honest. And blocking out wcs but not ventures LMFAO gg…
I mean shouldnt the facwar plexes work more like the ess? as in when you try to capture you get pointed.

Militia skins in the lp store?
would be nice…

Faction naval intervention when capitals are used in the wrong place?
… or even at gatecamps…

System wide cyno blocks?

Or is it really as simple as limiting citadel use?

Get rid of the standings penalties

  • Remove missions from FW. Missions do not contribute much toward the actual war, except flooding the market with LP items. They can be easily farmed and promote anti-pvp gameplay in a “warfare” environment.

  • Increase LP gain significantly from combat, especially against the “main” opposing faction. Give a lower amount of LP for combat with the allied opposing faction. Give a reduced amount of LP for killing those pesky neuts that like to hunt in FW space.

  • Increase LP payout for taking out the hub and capturing a system.

  • Eliminate supers from all low sec space.

  • My personal opinion is that FW got majorly screwed up when citadels came out, basically nullifying the system station lock out mechanic. It negated a very important conflict driver. Locking players out made it necessary to recapture a system to gain access to a certain station, especially for those players that did industry for their respective factions. It also made defending certain systems very important and made factions fight a little bit harder and willing to die a little bit more. Banning citadels from FW space is probably going too far, so I think we are stuck with this mechanic.

  • Militia skins in FW LP store is a nice idea +1. Only found in low sec stations please.

  • I also would like to see FW rats have warp disruption capablility. I think this alone would be a good buff to start and maybe look at making them more powerful at a later date. The idea is to promote fighting in the Plexes between players and not be too heavily focused on the pve aspect of the Plex.


A bit toned down diamond rats, perhaps? Instead of “All 5 T2 fit” have “All 3 or 4 T1 fit” comparable stats?

well first changing the stats depending on plex so an easy low lp (for beginners) might only have a lowly atron spawning with stats comparable to a low to mid grade alpha; make it blaster, ab scram fit so people can at least learn how to scram kite or kite etc.
Higher yes might be more midgrade skillset, and higher again all t2 where as there could even be a more elite plex that has burners.

More variety and changing difficulties where the player is effectively forced to fight it out for a short period of time or has to stay there for x amount of time without a warp out.

And something a bit more challenging.

If it was my decision i would have a mix of all these sorts of plexes withe various lp/isk rewards and drops.

I dont know the stats on diamond rats, theyre pretty easy to kill once you kill the logi… ah but they do show up on dscan which is also important, certainly from an npe perspective i think.

Ai could also scale right?

they are equal to these fits: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Forward_Operating_Base#The_NPCs
although wiki lacks diamond frigate tacklers (condors) and frigate logis (bantams)…

If plexes are meant to be about pvp, the rats should have almost no outcome on the fight. The anaemic dps with tough tank works.

It’s not a bad thing that players can bail from a plex to avoid a fight because of blobs and baiting. But if they bail, the timer should reset or count backwards. So I’m gonna say no to scramming rats. But ventures shouldn’t be capable of running plexes.

I’d like lp rewards to switch up a bit. Having fewer systems should pay more for capturing but less for missions. And having loads of systems should pay more for missioning and less for capturing. LP’s for kills should always pay full irrespective of tier/system control.

I’d like new large-style ‘king of the hill’ sites that appear on the agency tab, have about an hour timer and give sides a chance to form up.

Missions could be replaced by hunting diamond rats and empire forward bases. Running locates on particular diamond rats could become a thing.

I’d love pirate factions to become a thing in faction warfare.

I’m attractive - the Gallente should put me in charge! :slight_smile:

Make the rewards ONLY for FW kills, not missions or plexes.

This, especially this!

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easy to game though, otherwise fully agree - though est price of fit when eve does it is not working.

Plexes, just like abyss; can be tailored to only let so many in.

Id love to see empire factions be a bit more proactive, it would make sense too afterall and could be used to excuse randomg system wide cynojams or block ability of anyone but that faction of camping a gate - obviously less active the deeper in but low sec is afterall, still empire space.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work.

  • I can fill the plex with alts on both sides of the war.
  • I bring a fleet of five to a site that fits five people, but there is already a friendly solo player or small gang already inside. We either bully them out or some of our fleet sit it out. Not fun.

Accel gates can’t be limited. It just doesn’t work like it does with abyss and resource wars told us that. In Abyss space, the site is created on demand and you cannot be followed in by alts/friends pretending to be opposition.

I dont see why a solution could not be found over simply saying, no, cant be done; when clearly, it can?

For example timers can be placed when a certain mass has gone through the gate, a bit like wormholes.

The ‘burner’ plexes could replace the missions, effectively killing the rat would complete the mission.

And the more oldcschool type plaxes could act more like ess in that the player has to access it to complete and has to stay there or kite out of the point range.

In regards to player gangs dropping in theres really no difference except its much harder to bot or ‘farm’ without getting involved in the fight; which is the main issue, people arent getting involved in the fight.

It clearly can’t though. There is no way to make sure both sides can get in without it being exploited by alts.

So i can keep warping in and out, hitting critical mass to prevent enemies coming in, whilst one person stays in and counts the timer down?

Thats like basically everything in eve if you want to go down that route, but you would have to do a lot of jumping if the timer was only a minute before being able to accept another 2 or 3 or 4/5 frigates.

Clearly i have to spell this out.

You jump in with the full amount of what your allowed (eg 3 frigates)
no one else can jump in for another minute…
You have 5 or 10 minutes to complete the plex…
Whilst your warping your alts around like a lunatic another 3 man group lands,
and lock your two frigate out for a minute because they were busy warping around like lunatics…

instance two, 3 or more frigates in plex, 3 land decide its too many and dont go in…

instance 3;
your in there with three frigates
6 enemy frigates land, only 3 can get in; the other three have to wait 1 minute before being able to engage.

You understand now?

I mean its quite a simple premis i thought and its not even fleshed out so much.

Lets not forget that math, math is the answer to everything right?

We dont really want a physics lesson though or to go into all the nitty gritty as no one is really going to read my fully fleshed out ideas on here; and getting me to write basic plans out here is simply frustrating if your not actually going to think about it for even one second.

And theres no reason why players attempting to capture a plex should not be pointed, this is pretty much how ess works when trying to access it and it will help to prevent farming.

EVERYTHING about facwar should be pvp orientated. imo.

Can i take 6 and alternate them?

I agree to this, however I also like the idea of scheduled times for the battles to occur, not quite instanced but you would know that in 1 hour there will be a battle in system xxx join the fleet for your side to get LP.

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