We are doing faction war all wrong

Change up the teams to pirate, and security force instead of faction vs faction. Make the pirates based on low sec, and their capture bases there and the security based in high sec and their capture bases there. work existing systems into this.


wait…after all this time did you post a possibly sensible idea?

how about some more context/detail, just a little bit then let others add to it.

Given how many other tines its been suggested copying someone elses idea hardly counts.

On topic pirates are not based in low sec. Low sec is empire space. Pirates are Null sec.

Faction Warfare, only without the Factions, got it :crazy_face:

Good V Evil, here is an idea that has failed badly many times before. In games Evil always wins because Good fights for peace, Evil fights for the fun of it.


Why not have both?

Ah! It’s been awhile since I have seen this idea!

Some background:

On the old forums (years ago) this idea did come up and there was a fair degree of positive traction (it was, essentially, an add-on to regular faction warfare).

A DEV at the time chimed in and made a few points:

  • They would have LOVED to do this early in EVE’s history (Faction vs Faction vs Pirate vs Pirate).
    Unfortunately NPC Pirate space was put out in the far reaches of 0.0 and now it wouldn’t make much sense for them to move closer to Empire space (1.0 to 0.1 systems).
  • Access to NPC Pirate missions and the Pirate LP store is supposed to be difficult and dangerous to get to… which is a reason why Pirate ships and equipment are so expensive (besides their obviously better performance compared to Empire sourced stuff).
  • Low-sec is already pretty crowded.


These reasons are a little dated, but I think the sentiments still hold.

Now I personally would LOVE a Faction vs Faction vs Pirate vs Pirate free-for-all… but some considerations would have to be made:

  • Adding systems (or new connections) to and around low-sec would be one way to make Low-sec feel less crowded.
  • NPC Pirate space should stay where it is. As should most of the NPC Pirate stuff.
    Maybe make Pirate ammo available? (IMO: it has traditionally been too expensive for what it is) Throw in a few low-grade implants? (or new implants)
    Ships and high-grade would still only be obtainable out in NPC Null.
  • Make all militias hate each other (even on the Empire side) and able to shoot each other. I feel this would be more interesting than the pseudo-ally BS that is currently going on.

Leave Tama Now


I guess what I am trying to say is that the “warzones” tend to be pretty crowded and in some areas… especially certain system “pipes” where both sides basically dig in and yell at each other through the stargates. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… this is partially due to people simply wanting to be where the action is and congregating around it (see also: every major trade hub ever). And being lazy.

I guess what I am trying to avoid is turning more “wild” low-sec into another clusterfuck where true outlaws and the FW people argue over who’s “land” this is.
And have the problem where FW mechanics cause issues with the natives that were already living there and want nothing to do with FW.

Then again… that might cause more fights? :thinking:

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