Players Requested idea's ((Life In Empire))

Hello, community! The idea’s in this topic are for “EMPIRE” only changes. This topic has nothing to with idea’s beyond high sec JUST EMPIRE. List below of idea’s we would like to see done.

–> Removal of belts from bookmarks and add them in local scan. Like ice belts.
–> Repair drones which allows you to repair yourself with them.
–> Add hidden belts, moons and planets which are not booked marked.
–> Paying concord to react faster to you for systems rated 0.7 or higher. (From few secs to instant)
–> Safe Zone systems, you can’t lock anyone why in this solar systems.
(must war deck the target player in order to shoot them in these systems.)
–> War deck systems which allows you to target anyone as single player to just stru.
(players in newbie corps can’t gank anyone)
–> Allow small class capitals in empire: carriers, dreads and rorquals in 0.5 systems.

more ideas?

Lowsec is also empire space, so if you mean only highsec, then just say highsec.

When you say “we would like to see done”, who’s we?

As for the rest:

  1. Belts aren’t in bookmarks unless you bookmark them. They are just like any other beacon location. You can warp to them

  2. What does repair drones self repping have to do with highsec only mechanics?

  3. Moon mine in 0.5 space. They aren’t bookmarked. There are also anomalies that are not bookmarked.

  4. No. CONCORD is there to punish,not protect. If you want protection, work with other players.

  5. Go play some other game. EVE is not about safe zones

  6. Wardecs have nothing to do with individual players and NPC corps already cannot wardec any other Corp

  7. No, we do not need capital ships in highsec.

More ideas - what are you prepared to give up to have this higher safety? No Freighters can enter your safe zones? No asteroid belts, missions, combat sites, exploration sites in you safe zones?

It can’t all be more safety with no impact on the reward those zones offer. If you want them safe, then that will also come with no reward. Surely you understand that.

Posting in a grrr ganking thread.

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Hell no. If you want to use capitals, leave high sec. Period.

Great we can agree and disagree this is eve and it is always changing :wink: moving on with the ideas :slight_smile:

What are you prepared to give up to get safe zones?

You mean the over view? :confused:

I would like that everywhere, not just high sec.

? Anomaly’s not doing it for you? :smiley:

How about instead of Concord reacting faster, you make positive Empire ratings mean something by having the empire militia avenge you along side concord and the player that attacked you unprovoked takes empire faction standing loss along side sec status loss?
Unless… They {{{Bribe}}} the empire militia to not interfere. Like wardecking but tied to empire standings, the higher the empire standings of the target, the more exponentially expensive it is to bribe the empire militia to look the other way.

Meaning that gankers and wardeckers would have a limited window to operate and harass players and corps in high sec empire space before ganking and militant operations becomes to difficult or impractical to continue.

…I’ll have to think about that one. :confused:

… What?

Maybe… If combined with the weapons disabled?
Or prevent them from docking as well or safe logging while in those systems? {EG: the systems would only be intended for travel use?}

How about paying concord to nullify a war deck instead, make it a battle of funds that the group attacking you has to pay more than you to start the war?

Eats up tons of ISK and gets it out of circulation and offers another way to fight… Economic warfare.

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Safe zones? Hello Kitty Online is that way —> You missed that left back there…

A lot of people don’t understand that Eve’s player driven economy can only work if there is a balance between production and destruction. Over 70% of players live in highsec and they need to contribute their fair share to the destruction side of the leger. If you want to be rewarded for what you do in game, you need to accept some risk. Surviving as prey is a skill and mastering that skill is just as satisfying as any other in the game.


Belittling does not convey the message clearly… It causes resentment and firmament of ones own position as a defensive recoil… Leading not to debate, but argument.

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I always laugh when someone responds to suggestions with the remark “go play some other game.”

There’s entirely too much rudeness here. People casually say things on this forum that they would never say to someone’s face.

But that’s the internet for you. And to think that we used to say the net would change humanity for the better.

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With you so far.

Not true, Production, savings and improvement are the hall marks of success with destruction making way for the new.

If production and destruction are equal with no innovation or progress, {which is limited in the game} then you have stagnation.

Stagnation leads to a week economy, you can not build a ship with ISK alone, so you SAVE minerals…
But ISK and minerals can not build a ship either, you need BPOs in addition to the former minerals and ISK.
But that is still not enough, you need a factory, a place to build in.

Ideally Upwell structures would be used for there bonuses, however they can be destroyed and BPOs are not merely expensive… They are a massive investment of TIME
Time spent researching BPOs can NOT be recouped.

Yes…It is no wonder they do.
If your main manufacturing BPOs are in high sec that is no surprise.

You speak of risk and reward.
But do you really understand what high sec players sacrifice in rewards for indestructible stations and some peace of mind?
What do players in high sec get for that?

#1 Shitty ore yield asteroid belts.
#2 Shitty data sites.
#3 Shitty relic sites.
#4 Shitty rat bounties.
#5 Severance from community, if they are in an NPC corp.
#6 Constant wardecks if in a corp.
#7 Shitty margins of income in virtually all fields.
Which means that any loss is a substantial one, see #6 for how this could lead to an unpleasant time.

and those are just the ones I thought up in less than a second.
Maybe you don’t realize that high sec is one of the most dangerous places in EVE, due to stagnation.

People that survive there for extended periods have mastered the art of surviving as prey.

You said it yourself.
You can not possibly not understand.

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Totally not true. I would be happy to discuss in person with someone if I didn’t think a particular game was going to suit them.

Interpretation of the written word is often different to intent conveyed in person, because a lot of the depth in the communication (eg. inflexion of voice, physical posture, expression, etc.) is all missing.

So it’s quite possible to directly say to someone, something that in writing looks quite harsh, because the interpretation of it in writing is totally for you to decide, as the reader. In person, the intent can be much more directly expressed.

So saying to someone - go play some other game, doesn’t have to be as rude or negative as you seem to have read it as. When I wrote it, it certainly wasn’t intended in that respect.


It’s not rude to tell someone who shows up to the game you are playing and demands a bunch of changes to the rules just “no”, and suggest they go play another game.

Like if you were playing Monopoly at a party and your neighbour asks to join, but suggests that he has some “house rules” that make it more fun because no-one can ever go bankrupt, it would be perfectly normal to say “no, go play something else” because you are playing Monopoly, and Monopoly has certain rules.

And that oft repeated Hello Kitty trope didn’t even come from players as a response to calls to change the rules of the game, but from a developer. It’s like an executive at Hasbro telling you that no, Monopoly is meant to be a certain type of game and if you don’t like it, go play something else instead of asking for the rules to be changed to more align with your personal preference.

EVE is a dark and harsh world, you’re supposed to feel a bit worried and slightly angry when you log in, you’re not supposed to feel like you’re logging in to a happy, happy, fluffy, fluffy lala land filled with fun and adventures, that’s what hello kitty online is for. - CCP Wrangler

It’s fine and not especially rude to tell players calling for fundamental changes to the core rules of the game to just go play something else. If there is any rudeness, it is a response to the incredible audacity and selfishness of players like the OP who have the gall to demand everyone who has been playing this 15 year old space MMO to adapt to their personal whims and turn Eve into a different type of game. They should just go find a game that suits them instead of imposing their wants on the rest of us who have found a game we enjoy.

As to the OP, it’s a bit of a nebulous post covering too much to get any real discussion going, but there are good game design reasons why most of those ideas are bad ones. Some could be accommodated with some work (like capitals in highsec), some were tried and removed from the game, and some are fundamentally against core ideas of the game ( like “nowhere is safe”) they will never be implemented.

OP, I appreciate this is intended to be a top-level brainstorming session, but I think you might have more success with more focused posts discussing ideas and actually give some reasons what you are trying to achieve with a change, and how you think the game would be better.


sure it does, i know you kids don’t understand how to handle something that might be a little mean. but it does have its place.

how exactly is it rude to tell the guy that wants to play a different game that maybe they should play a different game?

“hey guys we should remove shooting from COD”

“you should probably not be playing COD if you don’t like shooting each other”

“how can you be so rude”


I play Eve for the economic simulation. I spent 2 years playing as an industrialist in nullsec - great bunch of people but I was shipping most of the material I needed in from Jita and sending most of my production back to highsec for sale - markets in nullsec, with the possible exception of Delve, are fragmented and thinly traded. The industrial game is best played in highsec.

Industry is competitive but, since that competition is mediated through the markets - it’s asynchronous. Unlike the combat simulation, I don’t need to be logged in the same time as my competition.

Once you’ve been doing it for a while, industry is also strategic. Figuring out what to sell, when and where or how upcoming changes to the game will impact the markets will have a huge impact on your success - and most of this activity takes place outside the client.

I am happy with the risk/reward balance in highsec at the present time - 6 or 7 of the top 10 regions for destruction always seem to be in Empire space when the MER is published. None the less, you can operate safely if you take a few precautions and maintain situational awareness.

So knife and Tomahawk only mode is not a thing?
Any FPS I have ever played I have beaten with a knife only on the hardest mode possible.
The exception is when there is absolutely no other way to progress without shooting something, Think sniper position you can only get to but not the target.
Or multi player knife fight mode.

So you are telling me EVE can not have variation?
All these different regions and it is all exactly the same and nothing can ever change…
You are stuck with scouting with fight, play markets, run sights Data, Relic, ratting encounters with escalations, WH diving and it’s variations of fun. Hauling with a scout alt or friend or fleet to escort, Fight wars with no objectives other than destroy the other guy and harass newer players or help them…

I think we can do better.

If you want to play an FPS on hard mode, have at it. If you want to run around multiplayer FPS map fighting the other players with only your fists, your teammates might have an issue with that, but go right ahead. If you want to play Eve on hardmode and mine all your ships, or finish PvE content in ships two-classes below the intended type, or take only 5-1 PvP fights, go knock yourself out.

But don’t ask for CCP to re-write the rules to break the core design of the game. There are plenty of suggestions don’t do this (even in the OP), but there are already several distinct ways to play Eve, both defined by the different sectors of space, and in terms of the diversity of things to do within those spaces.

Highsec pays low rewards because it is extremely safe. If you want an even higher level of safety, say ‘Safesec’, then it has to come with even lower rewards, and no access to things like industry because of the nature of the shared economy. Personally, I don’t think that is an interesting or useful addition to New Eden, or one that will be used by many players. Despite claiming otherwise, most players are motivated by accumulating assets and power, and they therefore end up in the space that gives them the most efficient path to that, which often is highsec because it can be moderately to very lucrative, and comes with little risk of losing anything to other players, and can be done near solo.

Could there be a new space with a new variation on the rules that sticks to the core design tenets of the game? Of course, and I hope we get one when CCP finally arrives at opening new space to give us. But ‘Safesec’ is not only incompatible with the core idea of Eve, it isn’t very interesting, and I don’t see why any development time should be spent on making and even more boring and less lucrative space than highsec, that will sit largely unused by most of the players.

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What about Jove space? :wink:

if you want to go to jove space join the AT

to be fair the new space they are adding is going to be 100% safe from players because some one at eve hit their head and forgot one of the selling points was single server single shard and no place safe. then they made a 100% private instanced of area

Ever heard of removing the firing pins?

It is making weapons safe for inspections in the military, specifically for naval guns, but the principal carry’s over across all branches.

All Capsuleer IFFs are lock disabled.
AKA: Wepons disabled towards other players while in that system.

Ever gone to some of the bars in more rural parts of America?
They have gun check ins at the front before you are allowed in to the bar.
Same principal.