My Small Ideas Discussion

Welcome to my sandbox section. Idea’s I post in here are my own and may have some others who may share the ideas. Just because I posted idea in here does not it will ever happen but it’s a big brain storm of ideas for this game. With that said let’s get posting these ideas which will never happen or be read:slight_smile:

War Declare System - Players should be allow to target anyone or thing in game. etc. players, corps or strus.
Players building missions with lore - Allows players to build NPC bases from ccp app on the web and CCP can pick and choose missions to upload too the server.
Players Custom Ship Designs - Allows players to take apart ships and rebuild them in a new sexy way. Other CCP app on the web and CCP can pick and choose designs to upload too the server.
Players Vs. Players Bases - Allows for players to take control of a forward style base with pre-stall fittings. The point would be not to kill the players but stop them from meeting their goals to win. Fittings would include neuts, webs, webs. With a click of module you be able to spawn NPC at times with a weapon cool down.
Worm-Holes Jumping Were? - With more then one system link to the enter ways. Top or Down or Left or Right. By clicking on one of the ends, it allows you to jump to a different systems.
Passive Training vs Active Combat Training - With level 5 train up with passive training or injectors. Their should be next level which can be completed by activating that module. Give us a levels 5 to 10 or make levels 1 - 4 with 5 being the combat end?

  1. to break your bubble on the wardec thing, the point of an NPC corp is to house the noobs and the inactive players. if PIRAT or Marmite wardecced an npc rookie corp and camped a rookie system, the bloodbath would be insane. and that would repel any and all new players.
  2. there’s somewhere else on this forum where you can make lore suggestions, maybe even player ideas.
  3. that’s gonna need a bunch of coding time better used elsewhere, maybe draw up a concept sketch for a ship on your own and maybe ccp will use it. maybe.
  4. and 5 both seem to also relate to 3 as overhauls to accepted game norms and would most likely require more Developer work that’s again, better spent improving upon what’s currently available. The fifth one falls on it’s face grammatically so i could be wrong.

Brainstorm, fine. Just don’t get your hopes up. When you’re contemplating a massive rework of a system, the devs are going to use their own ideas, not player ideas. Player ideas only get used when dev egos don’t get in the way, which usually means it only happens on things that don’t matter in the slightest so they can say “see, we listened to your feedback” as they then proceed to completely break huge chunks of the game. So, go ahead and brainstorm, but keep in mind it’s a complete fantasy.

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