Ideas I would like to see

A couple of things I think would be great. First is a countdown of data left to download when patching the game in the launcher. That way I could have an estimate on ETA.

Secondly is it possible (long and extensive coding I know) to add in a planetside module, using Mechs for the capsules. Jost something for those who love the hack and slash style of fantasy gaming. Entirely possible to replicate all fantasy elements with tech and would open a new avenue for players who don’t appreciate the 3D nature of space. Not all planets habitable but some would be. Also would allow for a Corp “clubhouse” where players can interact on a more personal level. Would offer up entirely new skill trees and a whole new dimension to the game which I think would be a lot of fun.

You missed out on Dust 541!

This has been and gone.

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CCP don’t you dare touch the launcher every time you do half the player base can’t log in for two days actually just remove t.

this is an internet spaceship game where you play with spaceships in space. you want to play planet side go log into planet side

this is an internet spaceship game where you play with spaceships in space. you want to play second life go play second life

I think it would be neat to walk around inside like the ships especially something like the Orca that has that has a ship maintenance hangar I would like to see more of interior’s on ships instead of just as you out the window maybe use your webcam and be able to move your head around and use your eyes blink and click on stuff or something to that effect like in a mining vessel click once to turn one laser on turn your head make again to turn another laser on things like that that could be done with current technology it would be nice to see a walkable station at the minimum again I think they could do a whole lot more than what they’re doing but I don’t know if they have the scale or the Manpower because that’s a lot of upscaling to add more 3D like that so I honestly get that and that might be a lot more manpower they need that they don’t have right now

that sounds pretty dame resource expensive for a novelty most will ignore after the first week or so

Just like captain quarters. People will go ‘ooh shiny’ for 5 minutes and then turn it off.

You mean like Dust514, or upcoming Project Nova? But otherwise WiS for EVE Online itself is dead (at least for the forseable future), CCP planed it to allow players to walk around stations and even showed “working” demos. But ultimately they realized it the time and effort they would need to sink into it is out of proportion to what that feature would add to the game. The captain quarters where a remnant of it and are gone now too for some time.

As was said… Dust. It flopped.

That said… with MW:5 Mercs coming out soon, you just gave me a pavlovian boner. Good job.

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if MW:5 doesn’t just keep getting delayed q.q

As unfortunate as that is, I view it the same as when I take my kid in for his shots… yea it sucks and it’s no fun, but it’s a whole lot better than the alternative. An EA-style “rushed to market on schedule” is worse than having sex and not finishing.

neither are good just look at duke nukem

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