Few thoughts of what i would like to see soon

This, is my first topic for this game over the years and I have few changes in mind to ask from CCP, that i would be happy to see them takin place.

I as person, give importance to details in games, so here is my small list…

  • Scrollbars and minimize-close buttons, are all very tiny, no matter the scaling. Please re-adjust those buttons to be like the “Agency” window buttons size, which are perfect and larger scrollbars, i use them a lot and is hard to grab/click them in tiny size. Very important for me and surely for others too i believe.

  • Add an option for more lines to roll when scrolling through mouse, in the current state is too small, also an option for double click delay, as it seems that adjustment through Windows CP does not affect the game also, in the current state it requires fast clicks.

  • Allow for shortcuts to be used as “ok” or “Yes/No” or “open container” instead of enter only or click.

  • When the ships are ready to warp, they first stop like hitting a wall, which is not either smooth nor natural to occur, so please, redesign it in such a way, so that motion is not interrupted while while entering warp mode. It bugs me a lot every time.

  • Ships speed, even the slow ones, don’t have the feeling of it, i mean, even 100m/s, is actually fast, but feels like… 10m/s, you can do better i bet. Noone likes the snail movement feeling.

  • Sound direction volume needs a bit of attention. If I rotate the camera in front and behind the ship, the volume changes dramatically, like reduced by 50%+ in front, instead of 10-20%, resulting in false audio experience

  • I use the advanced audio settings and I have noticed that explosions, are assigned to ship effects and not atmosphere as they should be, so unless you made it like this in purpose, it would be good to review it

  • If I hear any loud noise in reality, either shooting or explosion, I hear it from both ears, slightly more (say 5-10%) from the ear where the sound comes, but ingame, sounds are heard by far, either from left or right, which is not natural at all, so it needs a rebalance to directional volume

  • Missiles hitting my ship, also need a bit of attention, since they seem to lack impact bass and mid frequencies, thus becoming annoying, please review it

  • Combat music plays randomly, while it should be playing every time the game detects combat engagement, see what you can do and add more good tracks please. I always prefer to listen a game’s music rather than a radio station.

  • Roaming music is like… being in a funeral, very sleepy, you can surely change it to something better and less boring

I would appreciate it deeply if you could work on this list. Your UI work and the availability of settings and options is something I like, since these make big difference in every game, and I would not bother to ask a bit more if I didn’t know you can do better work. :cowboy_hat_face:

Update: I edited the title replacing the “requests” word, because i felt it might had sounded like demand or something, while this was not intended, since i never demand anything.

Welcome. :partying_face:

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You do realize this is a SPACE game right, it’s been often known that space actually has no sound to it, so while they have given us some sound, technically if they went the au natural for space, we wouldn’t hear explosions or anything.

while you bring up reality, which a lot of people try to do, this is more fantasy, so not everything will work precisely the way they do IRL.

as far as ship speed, have you actually seen a ship in space and how it interacts with no atmosphere compared to having an atmosphere surrounding it? i haven’t either, but it probably does hit like a wall when moving to another direction.

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EvE had integral music for many years, but CCP removed it as they said most players were listening to other things while playing EvE.

CCP has much of that original EvE music on their soundcloud. Personally I prefer this other one:

why trig cruisers can tank conflag , deal BIIIIG DPS , AND NEUT you???
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That will be bad for campers and pvper’s.:slight_smile: It’s not good for the game either.

He can just mute it. and play the youtube.

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OP’s a tad full of himself …

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It has no impact on either as it only occurs once warp has technically started.

i hope someone deletes this thread … its a collection of “i want that no matter of what others think” … most players dont really care about that stuff …



Thank you for this info, i had not seen that part of forum, but moved as you suggested. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you got to this conclucion without knowing me, but next i’ll decide to write a post, i’ll first ask for your permission, ok big guy?

And i hope you will soon get a lesson in your life to speak better before you provoke with such reply without reading carefuly, i don’t care what most players do, i know what i do, but as i said to the other “smartie” who replied to me under the same tone as you, next time i’ll decide to write a post, i will first ask for your permission too, ok mister judge?


i am sorry for my english … its **** but its is what it is … i really dont care
on the other side … you are so smart but you could not figure out the right section for your post and had to change it? smart … really …

anyways … i mute the post i think

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Your english is perfect

Thank you for verifying my suspicions. I didn’t know off this section since it is my first time posting in this forum as I wrote already, which you did not read… and also I am not a know-it-all person… on the other hand, how smart are you for not understanding what i meant by “speak better”? It should be clear enough when i told you that you came to provoke, but no, you thought i was refering to how good or bad your English is. Obviously you read the parts of a text that you want only, so good luck opening you eyes a bit more… smartie candy.

And how was my tone the reason exactly? Clarify this to me and see what did i miss…


ahhh … ok … i get it … yes it was meant to be provocative os it was done well …
so you are new to the forum … maybe . well i guess you are new to the game to

if you read your thoughts you just dont know what happens if you change this or that … you dont know …
the last drone change is a example … you make a smal change and a other mechanic breaks to … thats really awesome then … but you just know to little about all that stuff and maybe it was meant to work like that … you dont know


So, where is my…self entitled tone to this? I can’t see it. I know that I wrote a very polite topic and you came to provoke me, just assuming something like this and also just because you find my thoughts…silly, that gives you the right to attack? Seriously? Who do you think you are? Do i need your permission to write my thoughts on any forum, when that is what they exist for?

I said I wrote first time here, but you make assumptions now just to justify your manners, so keep your assumptions to yourself and behave better spoiled brat when you dont know someone, especially when I did not disturb you or provoke you in any way, I won’t ask for your permission either to write my thoughts on what changes i would like to see, get it?