Feedback - random thoughts after not playing few years

Couldn’t create topic in FEEDBACK section (not allowed wtf, but okay).

1)) Laggy Jita. Literally unplayable.
Also, imagine if you are undocking in a gankable ship - you will lose it because of lags’n ganks and being unable to use your undock bookmark in time.

REMOVE all player ships from space but just for you! So, everyone will be seeing only themselves and no one else! It’s radical measure, but if the server can’t handle this much people, let’s do at least SOMETING until better solution has been found.
2)) Tooltips are still hanging around even AFTER the cursor left the tooltip’s borders. Thus, making control process laggy because you have to wait few portions of time to make it dissapear.

Set “fade out” time for tooltips to ZERO seconds, so they will dissapear as cursor leave its borders. Thus converting them into cool “instant” tooltips you can observe in other computer games! Be pro!
3)) Verge Vendor region background space is too bright. Also, some SUNs are too bright. Even after tuning down my brightness to the far LEFT (all dark), It’s still annoying.

add some “mediation” filters in graphic settings to address brightness issue. Like, combat mode.
4)) Cannot move around CHAT window with many tabs in it because there is no SPACE to drag! In order to do this I have to manually increase the size of a chat and only then rearrange it and then resize back.

Even in “compact” mode, make a dedicated zone on which we may put our cursors to facilitate rearrangement actions!
5)) FIX Muinin! It’s missile platform and it sucks! I mean, we have Sacrilege (better resists) and Cerberus (better application). But we have kinda speedey Muninn? In case of shield tank! But you have 4 midslots, thus preventing it from smallscale (no place for tackle).

Bring back arty meaning to the Muninn, or make double-bonused configuration (missile/guns), or add 5th midslot to the missile variant!
6)) Faction Warfare LVL4 missions have decreased LP payout in a way that no one is doing them. I remember when I wanted PVE with a relative good income I could do FW missions, but now this aspect is lost. I’m sure, there are people who were involved in FW as farmers has left it because if neglected payout of FW missions.

Bring back good and hefty payout for FW missions and see what happens!

7)) Still, in 2023, we can’t see many rare ships in space (Imp, Moracha etc…). Why not just increase the density of “rarities” in game in general? Most people only seen those toys only in YT videos :((

Increase tournament payouts in blueprints x5 or x10 times and increase the frequency of tournaments. Delegate torunament facilitation to the respectable parties/players (AI, maybe, I heard you are IT folks, right?)
8)) Make an order in faction itemization (ammo and guns).

Any pirate faction ammo should possess unique characteristics and should be BETTER than NAVY faction (because FW is too available). Now we have inferior pirate (like Guristas) and superiour pirate (Dread Guristas). So, no one is using Guristas when we have Caldari Navy ammos!
ANY faction Guns should be plainly BETTER than any T2 version. Because you have to manually “extract” them from NPC rats! I like “green” gunz, but now they only have better fitting ability and inferior damage!
Why not just make different factions excels is, say, application or other faction - in damage etc…
9)) EVE needs an official documentation page where ALL aspects, rules and formulaes described.

10)) It’s 2023, but still there is no meaningful ingame fitting tool!?? It’s the shame that people must use 3rd party tools for BASIC needs! Make good fitting tool ingame, please!


I kinda ignored the rest the second I read your issue with JITA.

I do not experience these slow barely unplayable things you mention. I live and do every in around vita with about 6 chars. Granted I also have modern hardware and systems running. Not everybody will have the same experience but time also marches on and requirements for systems change.

I have a feeling if game companies followed your advice we would still be playing with pong graphics from Atari or Commodore 64.

The collectors of the game will have field day with your suggestion around the use of AT ships. And the fitting tools simulation mode works just fine and great. There is some tweaks needed I would like. But then again I have never seen a need to use anything else since they added the simulation tool in fittings.


It doesn’t lag unless you either play on a potato or you run a whole bunch of accounts. Also, you have 30 seconds of invulnerability so if you’re not afk/lazy you can undock and warp to your BM.

You can increase the time it takes for the tooltips to pop up in the first place, problem solved

Works fine for me, perhaps rearrange your UI.

Missile Muninn has been a long time coming, Minmatar was the only of the factions where both HACS used the same weapon system.

In short: NO.

Website is quirky, lol.

It only sputters for a few seconds on my system when I undock in Amarr with 200 players.
That’s not the game itself, I think, but a connectivity issue. Check if your rig is up to date. Add more RAM, download latest drivers, update Windows…?

If that’s really the case then the ganker doesn’t have much to be proud of. I’d be ashamed of myself if I took advantage of said flaw.

That is an annoyance indeed. I delayed the tooltips and now they hang there for more seconds than wished. It’s either the tooltips hide what you want to see or they get stuck on screen for too long. But I accept it as nothing man-made is perfect.

It’s not just Verge Vendor. Some in Amarr are literally blinding that I have to point the camera elsewhere so I can see what to do next. But I’m afraid if they change that it would be too dark, lol.

True. I have combined Local with the “action” window cause all I need to see is how many are in system, don’t care who it is. But the issue is the same with other windows, no room to click & drag them so I positioned them so I wouldn’t have to drag them, better to minimize them.

Don’t know that ship. As a miner I will probably never fly it.

I’ll probably never do that either.

That’s good. I already worry when I see a Praxis in system, lol.

At the price of the faction ammo/missiles costs it doesn’t surprise me. Navy ammo is reasonably priced so of course it’s more popular. Not counting that more than half the time most pirate ammo/stuff can’t be found in the market and if it’s sold it’s at a crazy price like “600% above regional average”, enough to cool anybody’s jets.

That would be nice indeed!

The in-game fitting window does its job very well already in my opinion. Of course I haven’t tried a third-party tool yet but I don’t have the need for it.

Thanks for the feedback though.
Fly Safe o7

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Jita is not laggy for me. It’s not laggy to the point of unplayable for me. Would need to see what specs OP has on his PC or Laptop.

Get a better PC/Laptop?

:heart: Love my gaming laptop.

So now you have to somehow know and correct for the variable in someone else’s internet connection before engaging them?

Did it really take you a few years to type all this??

Might just be me, but that time could have been spent actually playing.

—Gadget is just sayin’

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Hi, welcome back Pilot o/

I can understand that some things in New Eden can be confusing :confused: after a few years, though I find it confusing when returning after just a few hours. :grey_question:

So… perhaps you might be able to help us know who is she? :thinking:
On the Launcher there is this Character.

Anyone? :sos:

its a really bad wannabe Fedo
…really bad.
“they are however both blind and deaf, having no eyes or ears. The mouth is located on the underside of the beast, and the Fedo feeds by positioning itself over the food and lowering itself down on it.”
Prob handled by the same people who programmed the ambiance noise to say…“Dont forget to turn on your shield and armor hardeners before exiting the station.”


Looks like the Little Mermaid to me.

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I’ve seen a few people report that in areas of heavy traffic, when they log in and undock, their screen basically freezes (and FPS goes to near-zero) for anywhere from a couple seconds to 8 or 10 seconds. I’ve had a bit of this myself but it’s smaller because typically less busy areas.

I haven’t researched it much (I rarely Jita) but it may be due to graphics cards loading all the fancy new textures and skins CCP keeps piling on. It appears to be reduced if you’re using an SSD for the full install, and if your graphics card/drivers have plenty of RAM and are good at loading textures etc.

It also appears to reduce over time playing - so you could try using an alt to undock at Jita first, fly to a couple points (stations, jump gates) and get most of the graphics loaded, before undocking with your main. See if that helps any.

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The lag in jita you may speak about especially on jita undock is down to fireworks if your lagging like hell. Been like that for years and it’s no doubt tactics used by gankers tbh. Set your graphics accordingly.

I only target people who are lagging.

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Maybe she should have dark hair like a pilot that I know

No way! Redheads are the best. Add freckles and green eyes and I fall in love in a milisecond.

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Oh, you should meet Alleil.

Oh no Princess,…the last time I recall trying to converse with Alleil I was barred from ever conversing in that channel Why was I ganked!

Sorry, but the ‘solution’ is to get a better computer as the problem lies largely with you in the first place. On my RTX 3060 I get hardly any lag in Jita. I used to on my old Radeon R7 computer with its low spec. Apart from extreme tidi situations like with the TTT…most of the ‘lag’ in Eve is client side.

I’m always open to meeting new people.

Lag is not the problem. You are, by warping point to point like a peasant. Use bookmarks!

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