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I am unsure if this post is reaching the right forums, as I stopped myself from posting in the player feature suggestion forums because there’s a rule there about existing bugs not to be posted. Please advise me in that regard too if I still am in the wrong forum.

All posters welcome to discuss/debate/troll my talking points, this is my public demo in hopes of becoming an ISD Bug Reporter or possibly becoming a CCP programmer.

Problems I see that prevent hardcore subscribers from enjoying an engine that could be so much more - issues in order I would complete/advise (shortest/important to longest/less important):

HUD/UI/GUI lag - I have a general idea about the code that is written without having to see it, I could optimize the brackets code for large fleet fights, I have a proven method that reduces run-time calculations and code comparisons by a huge amount. It’s the difference between overlays/drawn items being slow or fast on low end machines and would scale nicely for mid/high end machines. Using the same methodology of reducing run-time code I could improve the windows update load times depending on the situation.

Minor fleet chat window text alignment issue - Simple break line at the beginning would help, possibly change default color to bright white instead of dark red. (white on black easier and more noticeable)

Sensor overlay - Displays all items when you jump into a system then filters out after the first frame it seems. (Noticed on my slow laptop - unnecessary bug)

Capacitor render failure - No longer able to see capacitor because it stops rendering (To fix this I wouldn’t just add a repeating check to see if its visible and reload it, I’d fix the issue from the source because that would be the proper way without adding more run-time code)

Chat window extension/dropdown blinker - When you have many chat windows grouped in a single window and there is an arrow to show the rest in a dropdown, I believe the arrow should blink if offscreen chat windows receive a text and have blink on. (currently shows nothing)

Market window - When querying for items and the query completes it will overlay itself on an active window (for example when changing a sell/buy order it will interrupt you)

Killmails - A whole bunch of stuff here needs to be fixed/rewritten. Not worth listing out we all know atleast a few issues with it.

Possible ECM functionality changes - Diminishing returns per target ship or a slightly different model based on diminishing returns, this would force ECM pilots to think about what targets they jam each cycle (as a group or solo), however the downside is longevity of fight or solo vs fleet functionality which would have to be considered somehow to scale properly (I can see the hate posts raining down, however this is really just an idea not a current issue or anything extremely relevant with the rest of this post)

Plenty more things I haven’t remembered or written down or experienced yet.

I prefer to remain anonymous and will not post my linkedin or project samples to prove experience and I lack certifications for networking or programming careers but have all the skill to show for it and an adaptive work ethic. My goal is to become an ISD Bug Reporter at the very least.


I have worked in various languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, and various scripting languages. Business experience with Q/A Testing and project planning, integrating software with hardware, optimizing existing code and then rewriting it again in a new light to further optimize its overall functioning capacity. I learned how to program with an english-like scripting language in a sandbox game and from there expanded my knowledge to professional languages and other game engines. I have a fair bit of knowledge in TCP/IP protocol and network security and would love nothing more than to find a way to reduce overhead for the entirety of your servers, the last game I worked on networking for I was a year ahead of the original developer in making as fast as possible networking libraries for use in custom gametypes and would even find ways to squeeze data into existing bytes or bits that were unused from the engine ticks essentially producing upload/download capacity from something that was already being sent with null data. I would also analyze networking with Wireshark and the source code of the game engine to explore unreleased vulnerabilities and then provide hotfixes for communities to curb rampant exploits/denial of service before they became a new threat.

Please consider my thoughts and my desire to become an ISD Bug Reporter
Let me bring this game into the light one small step at a time, I want to see more patches that include sweeping bug fixes in the future in addition to gameplay changes.

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