Bug reports requested by CSMs in prior thread

In my prior thread I was asked to post my bug reports in this forum. Starting this new thread to discuss these bugs rather than derail the prior thread.

Bug #1:
The new Research interface through the Industry window is buggy. When upgrading the agent or completing an R&D mission for the agent, it adds a ton of lines in the interface, making it difficult to know which one to look at. Relogging seems to clear it. Repeatable bug - have confirmed on 3 different characters so far. Bug reported in game after support request was ineffective

Bug #2:
Homefront payments incorrect or missing. Completed 2 Raid: Black Market sites, and the sites were completed successfully, but the fast tackle pilot (me) in a Condor did not get paid for either site, and the other 4 pilots with me only got paid at the rate for 4 pilots completing the site (13,182,000). We thought maybe it was a lack of DPS thing, but the logis and the hauler also did no damage and did get paid. So no Idea what is happening. Support acknowledged the issue and sent me the isk, but could not send the information to the Devs for review, so I submitted a bug in game.

Bug #3:
Fleet Finder doesn’t always display available fleets. Corp and alliance members reporting a lot of issues with not being able to see fleets in the Fleet Finder in game. Issue is inconsistent. I make all of my fleets with the same options - see screen shot attached. Sometimes everyone can see it, sometimes only some can’t see it, and sometimes nobody in corp or alliance can see the fleets in Fleet Finder. Options selected in fleet ad are only 3 options Corp, Alliance, and Hide Details. Stopped working consistently with Viridian release.

Bug #4:
Eve clients repeatedly freeze when running two or more clients simultaneously. Introduced with 4/25 patch. Sometimes if running two clients one client will completely freeze if the other client is in focus. Also, sometimes while focused on one client the performance is so bad that even typing in chat takes several seconds for each character typed to appear. Have tried on two different PCs and with new client install. Have already set all graphics to minimum, and still see these issues. Friends and corp members also report this issue and other performance issues introduced with the 4/25 patch. In game bug report submitted around May 1, support request on May 12, and only responses have been to blame everyone’s PCs that are having issues.

Old PC - AMD FX9370, 32g ram, RX 580 graphics, hard wired network connection with 1 gig fiber internet
New PC - Ryzen 7950x3d, 32g ram, RX 7900 XTX graphics, hard wired network connection, with 1gig fiber internet

I’ve seen no response - just checking in. Is any more information needed to help with these bug reports? All 4 bugs still appear to exist. Here’s another screen shot from this morning on the first one:

@CCP_Swift @Brisc_Rubal

When we ask for bug reports, we’re asking they be submitted directly to CCP via the support page (https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us) or the in-game bug reporting tool (under help). Posting them here isn’t going to do anything, and you’re unlikely to get a response to a forum post, either. You can also guarantee that they’re not going to be fixed in a week during the summer, lol.

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Those bugs have been posted much longer than 5 days in the in game bug reports. My post here has been up for over 5 days, as I said. The oldest of those bugs has been up since about the time of the for 4/25 patch - so approaching 3 months.

Your earlier post:

Clearly I do not think the game is “working as intended” as you can see from the bugs I’ve posted here.

This poster reinforced/interpreted your post as asking me to post the bugs. So I did.

I certainly don’t expect CCP to fix bugs in 5 days. But if CCP tells me to take my bug reports to the CSMs, then I would think the CSMs should at least review them.



Also, in case it’s not clear - I sent both bug reports and support requests on all of these items weeks or months ago. CCP’s response was to submit in game bugs, post on forums or talk to CSMs when the issues I report are actual game bugs or issues.

You saying to go back to support or in game bug reports is just a big circle. The bug reports get no response at all. The support requests point us to bug reports and here to the CSMs on the forums, and you point us to bug reports and support requests.

This is not a good user experience. CCP and the CSMs can do better.


Then play something else. Most of these things you’re complaining about appear to be on your end only, and I have not heard anybody else make any of these complaints. We have the same processor, by the way, and I can run six clients at the same time with no issues.

You don’t even know what the CSM is or what my job is, and you’ve got the audacity to both @ me and tell me I’m not doing my job. Get the ■■■■ out of here.

It’s not my job to figure out why you can’t use the UI the way the rest of the players do, and I don’t appreciate your attitude.

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