Bugs, Bugs, and moar Bugs

o7 CSM…

I would like to ask if you guys can raise the topic of all the Bugs that seem to have been introduced lately to CCP Dev’s ?

Zhalyd Lyehin ← This guy is a Superb Bug hunter and I find myself with MANY of the bugs he is reporting… He knows his stuff, is there anyway at all we can get him to speak to the Dev’s ?

Can we please Lobby CCP to just take a month out from Upgrades and do a massive Bug hunt find ?
Pretty sure I speak for MANY long term members here - Including most of yourself.

Thanks in Advance.


@Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah

File bug reports. That’s how you get them fixed.


He certainly is good at finding bugs, but with his usually pessimistic attitude I’m not sure if the right message would come across when he speaks to the devs.

And as Brisc said: file bug reports when you find them. That’s how CCP gets to know about the existance of the bugs.

And you guys really think that Zhalyd doesn’t file bug reports after all the posts he/she makes ?

Really ?

Can you blame Him/Her for that attitude given the lack of response ?

Hell, At least I get a reply when I mention a name (and I thank you for that).

I log in daily and I can’t see my neocom icons…

CCP Never reply…

All I am asking is for a little support from the CSM… Not for me … but for a better game for us all…

Surely, we all want the same ?

A better Eve ?

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you didn’t “mention” any names… i tagged the csm for you… ccp doesn’t have to reply unless they see that there is an actual bug that has been mentioned or found.

I think he’s filimg bug reports, like tge rest of us who wish to make CCP aware of bugs.

I often have the same bug, filed a report a while back but never got an answer yet either.

Bug reports do not get answered to unless the devs require more information about the issue.

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