CCPlease fix this unstable game you are currently running!

Nearly everything is full of bugs in these days! Please stop patching new stuff without fixing the game.
Take some time if you need, but repair your game! It’s time!

Rather than just ranting, could you instead explain what issue you’re having, it does make it alot easier to try and help you with a solution if there is one.


Good lord…

Well, for instance:

  • Anomaly, structure, signature brackets do not load properly in Delve.
  • Ships appear on overview in space even though they are cloaked and in completely different spots in space.
  • People appear in system locals although they are logged off in completely different systems.

Rivr Luzade, thank you, but there is many more and everyone knows.
Chat disconnects, market lags, sound bugs, fitting simulations of structures doesn’t work right, delivering/contracting ships often disables mods, local chat shows local of other systems, etc, etc, etc…


Maybe CCP should take the servers offline for some days and repair the game.
Or work on fixes 24/7 and patch after each downtime if possible.
But stop working on new stuff as long as the existing stuff is broken like this!

Sounds like a feature to me.


Leah, I want to play and not to spam the bug reports.
The game is horrible atm and CCP don’t care.

I understand, but dude- if you don’t tell them what’s wrong, they aren’t going to fix it.

“Things suck” is not a sufficient requirement statement for a dev to actually do something productive, especially on a forum that they rarely check in on. If you want to rant and vent, then do your thing- but if you want to actually help them try to improve things, then let them know- through their process- what exactly the problems are.

I’m not trying to be a dick, but as a former product guy, I guarantee that the only things that are going to be followed up on are meaningful inputs and reports.


With fairness to the OP, there’s a number of things in his complaint that the dev teams are already well aware of and there is nothing of value he can provide that they don’t already know.

Take the chat system for example. There’s been issues for over 12 months now, since it was rearchitected to XMPP and moved to AWS infrastructure. Since then, there’s been devblogs, skillpoints handed out, a plan developed to rollback to the old system and apparently fairly consistent effort to resolve it, and yet the problem persists. Nothing the OP can offer will inform the devs more than what they already know.

Same is true for some of the other problems mentioned above.

Sometimes it’s ok to whine as a customer when the quality of a product doesn’t meet expectations. It’s just blowing off a bit of steam.

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Yep, I’ll totally give you that one- indeed, still totally honked up.

Indeed- just making the point that there are channels available to provide some constructive input for those who want to. Venting is understandable, but it’s not going to actually get anything fixed.

I’m having log in issues the queue disappears after a minute

I’m having a weird issue where the launcher crashes after starting an account, but on only one of my computers.

Waiting to hear back on the support ticket I sent in :wink:

I had the ship on overview one the other day. I was running a medium Minmatar complex in FW and this Stratios showed up and he was on my overview no matter where I was in system. It was outrageous!

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