Eve Support should be able to submit bug requests

CCP Support for Eve has responded to some of my support requests asking me to submit in game bugs, post on forums or talk to CSMs when the issues I report are actual game bugs or issues. They have told me that the devs do not have access to the support system and they have no way to contact the devs. This is silly. The support system needs a way to convert support requests to bugs and keep all the history and logs, screen images, etc. and send those over to the dev team.

Secondarily, the in game bug reporting system should also allow adding files and images taken before that game session. It currently only allows taking a screen image during the bug report.

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Support and bugs are two different issues

Contact a member of isd bh team about bugs

The line between bugs and support issues is often blurry to many players. Why would you not give the support team the ability to convert support requests to bugs in the cases where that is warranted?


When they tell you to talk to us, it means what you’re viewing as a bug is the game working as intended and you’re asking for or expecting a development change.


Great. So I’m asking for dev change then. Give the support team a button to convert support requests to bugs, keep all the attachments and history and send all that to the dev team. This would provide more information to the dev team to understand the bugs better, and improve the user experience greatly since they would no longer have to duplicate the information they send to CCP for the same issues.


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Or you know, you could point out here what you seem to think are bugs


I could do that, but I’d prefer to keep the focus in this thread on my request. Why are you all trying to distract from my request? I want Eve Support to be able to convert support requests to bugs and send all the history and files to the devs to help with resolving the bugs.

If it would help I can start another thread with the bugs I have reported.


You posted this in the csms portion of the forum. Since you are here and @Brisc_Rubal has already referred to why you were asked to bring them up with them, just go ahead and mention them

The topic of this thread is my request for the Support team to be able to convert support requests to bug reports, and send all the history and files over to the dev team with the bug request. Please stop trying to derail this thread.

If you are interested in helping with the bugs I reported - please see that thread instead:

Thank you.

No responses in past 5 days. Is any more information needed to consider my request? What are next steps? Thanks.

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