Bug report from May 2020 - still no response (status: open)

Is it normal that two of my tickets from May 2020 are still not answered?

T4 Gamma filament spawns firestorm, dark… etc

I filled it via F12 ingame and status is still :open !
eve ticket may20|690x404

CCP doesn’t respond to bug reports. They respond to support tickets. If you didn’t create one then, you can try creating one now. However, they aren’t normally prone to reimburse ships lost in the abyss, and the long time since the incident may make it difficult for them to determine what exactly happened. I don’t know. But, they probably aren’t just going to take your word for it.

They are not responding to bug reports? :smiley: What kind of game is this? And why is there an option for bug report ingame if nobody cares about it? :smiley: good lord !!!

He didn’t say they don’t care about bug reports, only that they don’t respond (reply) to them. Bug reports are worked on by Devs, who rarely have a reason to ask players for more information. Reimbursement requests have to be submitted as Support Tickets - where you can include your bug report ticket number for reference - and are worked on by GMs, who are here to help players sort out problems.

If you were reporting a bug they’d investigate and, if necessary, act - but if you just want to whine that you lost a ship doing something stupid it needs a support ticket…

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