T4 Gamma filament spawns firestorm, dark.. etc

Yesterday (29.5) i ran some T4 gamma abyssals. On one of those runs i activated raging gamma filament but it spawned firestorm abbysal space… i died quickly… I reported a bug (via F12) on this topic yesterday… Okay, i´m aware that maybe i had made a mistake and accidentaly activated firestorm instead of gamma… So since yesterday i doublecheck what i´m activating and what i have in cargohold before undock. When i´m in space i check again what filament im gona activate… And today… it happened again… Im definitely and 10000% sure that i activated T4 gamma filament but it spawned once again different abyssal space… this time firestorm. Please look at this issue. i´ve lost 2x pod and 2x abyssal ships.

it’s a DDoS…

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