Abyssal space loot difference between filaments

Hi, i was wondering, if there is loot difference based on type of abyssal “encounter” you finish - i finished over 20 T4 gamma filaments where i generally got 50ish isogens per run, and they wereg enerally was quite profittable, considering sometimes i got skill dropped and things like that.
Then i tried T4 exotic filament (ive run 6ish or so), and they were worth little to nothing - generally some zero point condensate, worth few mil (sometimes not even that) - also tried T5 exotic, and loot was pretty much same
Both sites dropped some triglavian DB, but pretty much same amount and not enought to make sites worths running just based on DBs alone.

So my question is:
Am i this unlucky that 6 T4 exotics drops little to no loot (one T4 gamma was generally worth more than all theese exotics), or is there some code behind to drop specific loot on specific type of filaments (if so, what drops where?)?

Not answering your exact question but in general unless you have set of like 100 experiments you cannot do any guesses.

You won’t really get an answer.
Game devs don’t like to give out loot drop rates, usually.
Generally to get an idea of drop rates you need to do over 200 of each monster/mob/filament, and even that won’t give you an idea of rare drop rates, assuming filaments have any.

If it helps, local gossip I’ve been hearing is that drop rates for filaments were nerfed.

Well … form my pov of abyss farmer of last 10 days, i was running T4 gamma, i think drop rates were quite increased for isogen there, as now i always get some (50ish per one filament), there were times when i didnt get single one from 5 runs

What i also noticed is that abyssal space now drops significantly less filaments

but to my OP - i’ve ran multiple T4 gammas and exotics at same DT period, and exotics seemed to drop significantly less value in items (exocics always dropped some zero condensate, but no isogen, gamma dropped otherwise) - total worth of dropped isogen was multiple times more than total worth of dropped condensate - even T4 gamma was much more worthier than T5 exotic

I might be wrong but i feel that Firestorm gives more loot in general than other types. Checked levels 1 and 2. By now i ran only 1 lvl3 site. Cannot comment here.

Overall it looks like filament drop is >1. From initially bought 11 lvl1 firestorm filaments after some time i have about 30 in total with levels from 1 to 3 (different types).

Ok so i think have a pretty good baseline after doing over 80-90 of these…

Gamma sites seem to drop mid slot mutaplasmids such as shield extenders and boosters as well isogen, triglavian
Exotic sites seem to drop mid slot mutaplasmids such as warp scrams, disruptors and webs. I have never got isogen from exotic sites but do get plenty of condensate
Firestorm sites seem to drop low slot mutaplasmids such as armor repairers (havent done a ton of these)
not really sure on EM sites as i dont like to do them in gila’s so im not gonna speculate.

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