Loot Drops Abyssal Space

First of all I would like to say that I understand that the drop rates are exaggerated due to the testing. That is not what this is about.

I am hoping that the ability to find a Tier 5 filament does not continue to drop in a Teir 1-2 ahole. Due to the extreme nature of the value of loot coming out of these things or to the value of the filaments themselves I believe that all the filaments should drop accordingly

calm - calm, agitated
agitated - agitated, fierce
fierce - fierce, raging
raging - raging, chaotic
chaotic - chaotic

I feel that the modules/skills/bps should also accordingly drop as progression happens and the difficulty increases. I think to get the bigger better stuff you should really have to work for it. Right now it seems as loot Table is borked. Can it be more like this?

tier 1-2 small modules/skills/bps/decayed
tier 3-4 medium modules/skills/bps/gravid
tier 5 large modules/skills/bps/unstable

Im sorry if I mixed up gravid and unstable but I think you get the Idea. I feel as though this will make people feel like they are progressing and also being rewarded properly through difficulty progression. There should also be a slight time increase for the more difficult aholes buy like a minute per tier.

Thank you for listening to my humble 2 cents.

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