Abyssal sites drop rate not self sustaining

these abyssal sites drop way to little Filaments fo be self sustaining…

i have run 4 lv 4 abyssal sites(bought the filaments of the market) and got only 3 new filaments total out of this 4 sites.

and btw the drops suck; no plasmids no bpc`s no modules…just this manufactorining suff.


Well, you have 2 options:

1: Buy some and feed the market
2: Strap on your data site hacking ship and go get some

There are always options to explore. Mind you I suppose complaining is an option.

They never were and aren’t meant to be because if they were, there would be no market for filaments, or at least it would be completely collapsed.

The filament drop rates in lower tiers appear to have been increased, what I do is farm dark / fire T3s for T4 and T5 filaments and suppliment any additional ones for T4 / T5 from the market, while selling off any of the exotic, gamma, electrical. This gives me T4 and T5 filaments to run as well as a little bit of additional income, though no where near as much as running a 4 or a 5.

Since the patch came out I ran 12 instances so far, 2x T2, 4x T3, 4x T4 and 2x T5. So far the low ones, T2 and T3 are good, but tehre is something seriously screwed up with the 4s and the 5s. I haven’t gotten even a single battleship spawn of any sort in 6 instances, thats 18 rooms and their loot seems screwed up as well. Like you I have gotten significantly more Isogen, almost as much as condensate, but only 1 BPC for ammo, no other BPCs and no skillbooks. I did get a couple T4 / T5 filaments, but very few. I have gotten actually more T4 T5 filaments out of the T3s then out of the 4s and 5s combined.

So there is definetly something funky going on, but the patch just launched, it may take them a day or 2 to get it all squared as its supposed to be. So give them a bit of time, but don’t expect for the instances to feed you enough filaments to be self sustaining, that can’t happen because it would collapse the filament economy.

Yeah they were. 2-3 filaments per site were common when the Abyss was released.

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So were a lot of empty cache boxes and stuff other then filaments. You have to look at the averages.

The first week there was more loot per room than at any other time.
You are referring to the following week after the first tranquility nerf.

Please learn what you are talking about before you blatantly lie to people.

SInce they were nerfed hard it should be obvious that they were never meant to be self sustaining…

In a game that is for the most part based on making in game funds, abyssal sites do seem to be a bit off. They offer something new and a challenge, but lack some regular income. Sure it can eventually average out… Maybe… As pve goes, I can mine or do missions for an almost certain amount.

I never said they were meant to be self sustaining. Just that Fluffy lied about saying “they never were” self sustaining. Because yes they were.

I would want to ask what´s even the point with them if it´s useless to be doing them ? Just do get BPC for the new ships and then to never do them again? I mean almost all old content is useful to do because you can make decent isk like Mission,mining,ratting and so on but if Abyssla is not meant for you to make isk is just some new ■■■■ for them to hand out bpc of the new ships. Or is it a new way to get people in to pvp ?

So far I just want to say Abyssal is the most worthless content added to eve and if this keeps up eve will be the most useless mmo out there.

You are just wrong.

After 15 years of emptines at last we got EPIC CONTENT !!!
Just imagine. Imagine excitement while preparing your flagship for dive in unknown. And then take all your courage anf go for it, dive in unknown space in different dimension. You never know what you will encounter. And then here it is 3 different encounter in 3 rooms. Every victory gives you new praise, losing is not option loser loses everything.

Behind those 3 rooms is finale, final room, final prize, final opponent. Immortal capsuleer just like you …

This is just EXCELENT and is best part of game and lore CCP ever done. :+1:

Is Abyssal sites drops enough or not that will time tell, for now it is all about fast paced fun, and I believe in future there be bigger arenas for ship groups an tht WILL BE GREAT FIGHTS !!! :+1:

Sure fast paced fun if you ■■■■ isk but no the most unbalnced ■■■■ I seen in for ever. Sure it was the same thing with incursions but today you don´t need ships made out of isk.


fixed, THX

O lordy, here we go again, you just don’t grasp the concept of averaging things out over a reasonable timeperiod, which is what I do. If I had your mentality then I’d say everything is still fked up since the drops and spawns were completely screwed up for like half a day after last tuesdays patch. But I don’t, because they restored everything fairly well, 1st the spawns then the loot. Nothing that was / is in for a few days should even be considered unless it had longterm game breaking impact, and this most certainly did not. It is unnoticable and irrelevant.

Its a bit weird, as far as the ISK goes, no telling yet where it will land. Everything is still in flux and largely dependant on where and how the market will settle.

yeah that´s why I don´t see I point in doing them not when what you get is worth less than the ship you could lose.

No. I would however correct you if you said last tuesdays patch was perfect and nothing went wrong.
I corrected your lie. That is all.

Behind those 3 rooms is finale, final room, final prize, final opponent. socket has been closed

There, fixed that for you.

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I’ve been quite happy with the return in abyssals. You may just have skewed expectations because of the obscene prices people are buying the higher tier filaments for. Just because you paid the price for the filament in the market doesn’t mean it’s worth that much, it’s just what people are willing to buy them for.