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I was asking my self if there is a bug with bug report, i have still a bug report “attatched” with no comment since 2016.
So i was wondering if new report from last week end migth not being seen or if the bug service is overloadet thoses days?

Ty for your time and patience
ps: this isen’t mean to be agressiv in any way or tying to having a more faster response to my tickets.

Bug report is not a support ticket (or as you called it “petition”). It is one-sided and in most cases you wont get any response from bug hunter or developer at all. Basically it’s “send and forget” format.
Direct quote from this article:

What happens to the bug report

After a bug report (BR) has been submitted it arrives on the list of currently open bug reports. The usual process is then that a bug hunter (BH) verifies it by reproducing the problem

When a problem can be reproduced, the bug hunter will create a defect that is forwarded to CCP’s QA department. The defect will be assigned to one of the CCP development teams, who will then be responsible for fixing the issue. After a defect has been fixed, it will be tested again on one of the test servers and once the fix is verified it will be applied to TQ in a patch or expansion.

If there is already an existing defect about a bug when you submit your bug report, then your report will be attached to that defect. This gives the programmers all available information and may help them fix the problem.

If you need gameplay assistance from support you should submit a ticket here

This might explain a lot ty for your help :slight_smile:

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