In client "ping" for the bug reporting sites

Since the new yabber back-end has hit SiSi, I have never written so many bug reports in such a short amount of time.

Bug reporting helps the developers to fix things that would go un-noticed on TQ and we wouldn’t want that.
Speaking to CCP Karkur on SiSi gave me this idea, which would help the bug hunter team and the developers to make our lives better.

She told me that she did respond to one of my bug reports, which you can check on the support site but the thing is, if you don’t check the sites for those specific responds or question that might come up, I suggest, putting a notification in the client like the daily downtime notification or on SiSi when a masstest is about to commence.

The note would show up on the notification list that xyz bug hunter or CCP developer has a question or request for you on one of your bug reports with a link to your bug report “ERB-some numbers” and it opens the web browser, so you can respond quickly.

As some requests or question go un-noticed and the issue may persist without a response, this would remedy long waits.

To make things a little better even, I suggest that the “ping” would go to the proper client from which the bug report originated.
You can see on the bug reporting site from which server you reported a bug and the notification would “ping” either the SiSi client or TQ client because you can assume that the bug reporter spends her / his time either on SiSi or TQ and the wait time for the bug hunter team or CCP developer would be short.

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