Bug reporting and adding screenshots out of game

So i came across a bug but could not take a screenshot via the bug report tool. The bugged window (courier contract ship to search results window) takes focus, so i can not click the bug report windows screenshot button (shouldnt this ALWAYS have priority focus? :D)

So when sending the report without screenshot, i was told i could add a screenshot later too from the website.

The website:

How am i supposed to…? Please debug bug reports.

You can use the print screen button to do screenshots then open up some photo editor

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I have taken screenshots, that is not the problem. But how to attach them to the bug report from out of game? The image above is from the bug reports section of the EVE website. No option via this as it used to be in the past.

The ingame bug report tool btw sends the user to this very part of the website btw when you are asked if you want to add an image from out of game and click “yes”. Should probably have mentioned that in OP.

Yea they are still changing the website system. You should be able to email them to i think support@eveonline.com. @ISD_Traindriver is that the right email?

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That is correct. You can use the support@eveonline.de mail address, or, if you happen to use the Beta Launcher, click on the bug in the upper Area to make a report there.

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you locked my post in another thread but i have no idea how to flag it after editing it for issues
so ill just reply to you here

Cheers. Will send the images this way.

Well if you read what the ISD said, you need to read the thread for the char rules. You have certain information that needs to be disclosed, as well as you need to drop to NPC corp.

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