Gameplay feedback from returning member

I returned to Eve once more and spotted some issues/problems that game owners might be or might not be aware of. It would be nice to fix at least some of them:

  1. It would be great if all items would have information how to acquire it and what it is used for. That’s why new players only mine or do ratting, because they do not know how to do other things. Example, player would like to do some industry but they need Titanium. There is no information how to get it player would like to get it himself.

  2. Jump clone timer should be lowered a lot. If you force players to wait 19 hours so he could jump far away to have fun, then they will just log off and play another game.

  3. 10 sec waiting EVERYWHERE, Docked? Wait 10 seconds. Want to join fleet? Wait 10 seconds. Want to change ship? Wait 10 seconds. Why it couldn’t be better designed? Eve online is half-afk game because you have to wait everywhere for everything. If You want engage players more, then maybe start removing those wait moments in game.

  4. After hovering over player name on fleet watch list there should be a tooltip in what ship they are flying. Icon is not enough.

  5. You cannot click on interdiction probe in overview to remove it from overview.

  6. New items in inventory notification (red number on inventory icon) pops up randomly even if nothing changed there.

  7. “You have unclaimed items to redeem” is blinking even after clicking stop blinking for all items.

  8. When choosing ship modules on module list in fitting window it would be great if You could select few with shift or ctrl and could add selected to compare window. Currently it is impossible.

  9. You have to wait 30+ seconds to log out in space to change character. Why there is no “Force logout” button (“Force logout, ship will be still in space for remaining time”)? Right now it is better to just kill eve and run again. It is faster.

  10. Why we cannot edit columns in all tables? I do not need “FC location” in fleet finder window, no one is using it.

  11. Why there is no suicide or destroy current clone button on station? To return to home station player is forced to undock and wait 2 minutes for self-destruct.

  12. Why there is 0 information about Proving Grounds? How to get there, what are the rules, what “mode” is currently available?

  13. When using auto targeting rockets/missles for the first time you cannot use it. You get message “No suitable target”. Player have to target something for the first time. Problems occurs every game restart.

  14. Why every new chat players join have default settings? You have to apply your changes manualy to all newly joined.

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