Inventory Lag

Been having this issue since I posted a bug report a month ago. When doing anything with the inventory that deals with moving a moderate amount of item stacks, the whole client drops to a near dead stop for several seconds before snapping back to 60 fps. Was wondering if anybody else is having odd deep frame drops from inventory management. On another note, there’s been an noticeable stuttering during L4’s from NPC weapons fire, something I’ve never seen on this comp with this hardware. It may be related, but it’s certainly less jarring at least.

EBR-172580’s my bug report on the matter for reference, btw. The only thing it’s missing is mention of the observed stutter from weapons effects. No change in settings alters the occurrence of the lag and I’ve been clearing cache, verifying the shared cache, and keeping everything updated like crazy…nothing works.

I’ve seen something that may be related - when adding or removing modules on the fitting screen, the module appears/disappears on the inventory window but the fitting screen sometimes doesn’t show the change until I close and re-open it.

Odd. Issue seems to go away one day only to return the next. Day before yesterday the frame rate was fine, no inventory lag nor mission stuttering. Yesterday, it went back to being poop. Now today it’s fine again, so I’m expecting the same thing to happen tomorrow I guess. Hopefully that either means CCP is fixing stuff and I’m seeing the effects of it in progress or I’ll just get lucky and the issue will frick right off on its own eventually.

I haven’t seen the fitting issue Dravick described, but I’ll keep an eye out for it in case it does show up on my end. I guess clear cache and verify the shared just in case. That’s what I’ve been doing.

Btw, just saw Caille Neon SKIN for Kronos…very nice. CCP, you spoil me you fiends.

Got it. It’s reproducible if you have the fitting window open when utilizing the inventory (including reloading weapons) and it seems to coincide with the stuttering in missions. That’s why it’s been okay some days and not others…I sometimes keep the fitting window open if I intend a refit between missions. Closing the fitting window immediately rids the problem, frame rate returns to normal, and the inventory works smoothly without any significant issues. I’ve amended the bug report to include a comment referring to this information.

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Nice work, thanks :+1:

Some more inventory oddness…Loot pulled in from an MTU this morning was hidden (cargo showed no loot and volume indicator remained unchanged except for the MTU itself) inside my Kronos until I had a session change. It’s happened before in the past, but that was long ago when the inventory went through the redesign that added the inventory tree and filter systems. Now that I think of it, I seem to recall that one of the major issues back then was performance related to the inventory being laggy and unstable. Maybe it’s an old bug resurfacing?

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