Sec status jurisdiction

I had the idea that if you commit a crime in a factions space, it should be tied to that faction space jurisdiction.

For example if i kill someone in minmatar space, my sec status will be lowered in their space, because it is in that factions jurisdiction. Then when i fly back to Amarr space, my sec status will switch relative to activity in Amarrian jurisdiction and will switch to my sec status relative to my activity there. Essentially you would have a different sec status depending on what faction space you are in.

The goal with this idea is to make hs space a bit safer for pvpers and gangkers. The pvpers and gangkers would have safe spaces to go to if they manage where they commit crimes, rather than a blanket sec status in all areas of hs. You could basically kill as many players as you want in a factions hs and then go home safely to another factions hs where you have not lowered your sec status enough to be wanted

So you could be 3.7 in Amarr space, -10 in Minmatard space, 2.1 in Caldari space and -5 in gallente space. You cpuld still raise your sec status as usual where its negative or you cpuld even be -10 in all of hs if you’re criminal enough XD

I haven’t thought this through completely, but i like the idea. I dont know of im posting in the right place either XD

Faction standing isn’t the same as sec status.

I believe this would change some of the HS carebear stuff. If i commit a crime in one faction space, i can jump to space i have not committed crime in to be safe because my sec status with that faction isn’t negative.

Think about it.

Bit of a mundane question really.

You mention it being expensive. With this idea you wouldn’t be flying around with a default negative sec status. It would be relative to the Faction space you are in, based on your crime there.

This is already the case. If you commit a crime against an empire citizen you will lose standing just with that empire. Same with pirates.

Crimes against immortals is fully the jurisdiction of concord in order to ensure the gods don’t burn everything around them.

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I’m talking about sec status and pvp. Not faction standing.

If i go into Minmatar space and kill players in that space, i lose sec status in minmatar space.

I then go back to Amarr space and my sec status goes to 3.7 because i have not killed anyone in Amarr space.

If people kill players everywhere then they will lower their sec status in all of hs.

Rather than sec status being the same anywhere this would make it more pvp and gangk friendly. It wpuld create safe spaces for pvpers in hs rather than outright being a criminal in all of hs.

The empires don’t care if you’re ■■■■■■■ with other immortals if anything they prefer you keeping the system less attractive

Does this idea scare you that pvpers and gangkers will be able to move more freely around hs with less repercussions because they can dictate where they are wanted? XD

I mean… I already can’t fly in hs w/o getting shot at do to my sec status.

Does it really bother you that it’s a mild inconvenience to move around all of hs after being naughty?

It doesn’t bother. I just like the idea.

From the way eve NPC politics works to me it looks as if it would actually cause double-status losses (wide grin)

Remember Concord is the “police force” that is present everywhere, has agreements with all the major empires, and has been given jurisdiction and authority over crimes in all the empire’s high sec areas…

Basically it means there are 2 authorities in empire high sec areas - the empire/faction itself… and Concord.

In fact Concord is the organization that has set many of the rules and laws for high sec. (talking from an Eve lore perspective) and has actively forced their will on the empires in many ways. Concord won’t give up their authority :slight_smile:

If you added in empire status loss, it means if you attacked a ship in Matar space you would lose sec status (or standings) with both Concord and the Minmatar Republic.

Just saying :slight_smile: I personally am kinda neutral to the idea but maybe it might complicate standings a bit.

Im talking about concord sec status, not faction standing. It’s not complicated. I know that with concord but it could be changed rather than just a blanket sec status. It’s as easy as it changing in when you move into different space.

I made a better version of this in Crime and punishment, where it should be.

Also are you My fellow corpmate who has a similar name? :slight_smile:

Yes that is me.

Thanks, I will take a look at the other one.

o7 ill be on later :slight_smile:

Only when it comes to capsuleers

@Lugh_Crow-Slave The whole topic is about crimes by capsuleers against other capsuleers, so I am bit confused why you had to point it out to me.

But sure, I agree, Concord is the police force for capsuleers vs capsuleer actions.

The topic is about individual police responses and standings with each empire. Something already covered by faction police that handle crimes against empire citizens.

No it’s not. It’s about pvp sec status. Nothing tp do with faction standing.

I made a new more clearer crime and punishment. It should already be clear to you unless ypu are just being obtuse, which wouldn’t surprise me XD

It is still aec status, not faction status, but your sec status would be different depending on how much you kill in a factions space.

So say i do loads of killing in gallente space. I wpuld have -10 there. I fly back to Amarr where I dont kill and it goes to 10 because i dp not kill people there. I go back to Gallente space my concord pvp sec status goes back down to -10 when i have gone through gate.

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