Criminals should not be able to dock in high sec npc stations

Simple enough, criminals are on concord’s bad side. The factions are not, the factions should not harbor known criminals in high sec. They can not use high sec gates to get away, so why can they be harbored and protected at npc stations.

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Maybe you want to explain why is this a problem a what does this solve?

Your idea, that has been repeated dozen of times in various threads, could use more than 2 short sentences.

Seems to me to be more a disconnect of the lore. It’s the type of thing where if you smash someone in the face with a hammer, you’d expect them to fall to the ground with a bloody mess for a nose, not just standing around acting like nothing happened.

You could have specific pirate stations in highsec that would cater to criminals and run the underground, so even if criminals are locked out of some stations, they’d still have access to underground assets.

Could even tie that into FW mechanics, NPC pirate factions would put up stations, and players would have to hunt them down and destroy them. So we’d get an ever changing dynamic environment.

This could be tied into what some people have asked for, allowing people with higher standing with the pirate npcs to use their highsec gate networks. And you could also have mission boards associated with those npc factions giving bounties for killing players who have slaughtered a ton of their faction npcs.

Well lore wise, empires doesn’t really care about capsuleers shooting other capsuleers. In their eyes that is an internal conflict. I am ganker and I have positive standing with all empires, caldari at 2.3. On the other hand you can get negative empire standing just by doing “harmless” missions for opposite empire. That such players can dock in empire that hates them, thats a real issue imo.

Besides, even if empires cared there are few issues with this:

  1. Definition of a criminal. It is someone with a criminal timer? that might be quite harsh to those who commit crime by mistake or by something else than shooting other ships (remote repairing for example) Or it is someone whose security status is -5 or less?
  2. Accessibility. Being denied to dock would be highly inconvenient and annoying for those with bad empire standing or security status. I believe that this is main reason it is allowed, CCP doesn’t want to annoy players even more than we already are. They don’t care about gankers, but there are also low-sec criminals and they always argue that they are “better” than gankers and should not face the same restrictions as high-sec suicide gankers.

This is entirely false. Concord are the Empires. And what happens when you shoot another player in highsec? Right… you get blown to bits.

No argument from me on that one. It equally doesn’t make any sense. And even less sense to allow enemy FW into any highsec stations. Personally, I wouldn’t even let a pod dock in that situation if it were up to me.

To bad? The timer will go away after a while. And -5 already can’t dock with a ship in hgihsec iirc.

Again tough luck? I would suggest if a change like this were made that would lock people out of certain areas of space, there should be a 1 time way to reset standings.

The only way to get negative standing in lowsec these days, is to pod people. They take pride in that -10 standing. So if they want that street cred, then there’s a cost associated with it.

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lol, ok

-5 or less can dock anywhere, however only in pod (which if you commited a crime you will be anyway). Yes it is too harsh because it brings nothing to the game but extremely annoying and unfun gameplay of warping in pod around the system for full 15 minutes or just log out. And if you don’t add another mechanic, then the established gankers will just suicide their pod and appear back in the highsec station. Most of us is already doing it anyway.

lol, ok

You mock but it’s true. Concord was both formed by the empires, and staffed by people loyal to the empires.

We were having a conversation about the lore, not gameplay mechanics.

I fully agree there are times developers need to make concessions for gameplay. However in my initial post, I was suggesting it’s useful to make the lore and the game play elements be as lockstep as you can so you can provide an immersive environment for your players.

And if you read my initial post, you’d see that I also thought of a mechanic that would allow for people in the underbelly of EVE get around and live in highsec without breaking that immersion.

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The Prophet chuckles at the originator of this post and your own weakness.

It is plain you’ve been taken in by the station baiters.

Learn from it. Don’t cry to false gods to save you.

Save yourselves.

Ban all capsuleers from docking in stations in high sec Empire space. None of them are Empire subjects so have no rights to be there in the first place. It’s HIGH security and every capsuleer is a vigilante. It’s as simple as that.

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Incorrect, the reason Concord Assembly polices capsuleers shooting each other in High Security space is because the Empire’s do not want independent Capsuleers able to fire without discrimination in their territory.

My point is that I don’t think it serves anything to have some annoying mechanic just because it would make sense lore wise. Which doesn’t anyway.

Btw what is your agenda? Checking your killboard it seems that you are hunting criminals in highsec. The Marshall kill is awesome. Do you realize that if criminals cannot dock in highsec you will not be able to get free kills like that again?

I think you have the wrong killboard. I haven’t been active on this account in game in a long time.

I don’t have one (I’m not the OP.) The entire purpose of my contribution to this thread was to suggest the OP’s issue with criminals docking in highsec is due to lore immersion concerns.

I realize the potential issues you raise, which is why I suggested adding an underground element to docking in highsec. Making Shadow War be a permanent feature in game which would dictate which stations were open to criminals could be an interesting addition. (Depending on how it was handled.)

Ah sorry, I reacted on wrong person. The note about agenda was meant for OP. Farfodder Skir | Character | zKillboard

I feel like the ganking gameplay loop was nerfed hard enough. You are saying to go further?!

The battleships received the HP bonus with bulkheads/LSE/Armor plates. Then it was a direct patch towards gankers.

Did a quick google search for the patch and if I am not mistaken…

Changes to Security Status & Abyssal Filaments | EVE Online

I QUOTE, "In addition to being attacked by Empire faction police (and unable to cloak or tether) players with security status -5.0 and below (outlaws) will no longer be allowed to dock in any structure or station in high security space while piloting a ship.

Outlaw pilots in capsules, however, will be able to dock and will not be attacked by Empire faction police. It’s worth noting though, that they can still be attacked by other players. Outlaws will be able to undock in a ship, but once undocked they will be refused docking permission."

So this is not enough?

It took 13 posts before someone here actually quoted the recent security patch aimed towards gankers?

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Well they didn’t stop ganking, did they? Logically means that those nerfs weren’t enough. Not in a slightest!!! :sweat_smile:

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Their wallets should be shut off. Cant use isk. Have to launder now, Or use pirate money. But noooo we cant do things like this.

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See, the carebear doesn’t see ganking as gameplay, but an annoyance to be removed. The carebear will never be sated until he is invulnerable to all player interaction in highsec.

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The shadow puppets, of course.

It is not. OP is weak and a bad pilot. And instead of putting in the time in his capsule to get better, he cries to the false gods to change reality to compensate for his skill issue.

And if you have bad standings in any Empire, you cannot use their services, correct?

Then it should be much harder to get bad standings. I never did factional warfare on my current toon, but still ended up with seriously bad standings with some high sec factions. Why? Because for some reason security agents give you missions that destroy your standing with another faction even when you arent participating in FW.

No it should not.

Do you see? By your logic, this is how it should be as well. Bad standings should equal no docking rights and their Empire’s navy to attack you on sight.

But of course you don’t want that. Because you’re weak and that would inconvenience you.

Our system is fine as it is. Hells, it was fine as it was.

Bring back the ability for corporations to battle without owning property.

Learn to fit up, fleet up and fly out.

Learn to fight, to fly, and to crow.

Learn to save yourselves.