So, you finally realized you shot yourself int he foot?

Missions & NPCs:

  • Roaming Triglavian fleets will now be less aggressive with their choice of target locations within known space systems.

How many time I said in these forums that your brute force idea to change the universe is not the right approach? hum?

Having the right idea and having the right solution are totally different things.

So now that you already removed the k-space you wanted (the worst way ever), left people waiting for more content and also people mad with the content you starting to give up?

One word: lol.


lol isnt a word, its an acronym


Thank you for fixing high-sec Trig griefing, CCP!

Now all you have left to do is fix high-sec PvP griefing by removing high-sec PvP, so that players can finally start doing what they want to do, which is making lots of money. It’s not rocket science!


Does it mean they will not camp stations or POCO, only gates?

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I hope so, and please let OP be the first to get caught.

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I was surprised earlier today when trig fleet locked me but didnt scramble. I was in BS anyway but still nice


It’s actually good thing, it means that CCP has the abilty to reflect on their decisions.


Only frigates and destroyers named “anchoring” will scramble. If they had composition without anchorings, they dont scramble.

I lol’d out loud.

Haven’t had first prob traveling with triglaves, mwd+cloak for non cov ops and usually in cov ops anyway, is the issue with triglaves dropping into belts on miners?

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Unless you’re Dutch, then it’s a word that coincidentally means “fun”.


Unknown at this time, my assumption of reading “CCP Speak” is that we will find them at gates less often, not actually observed the fleets but knowing CCP’s track record and how they usually word things that is my assumption

We will be doing some observations over the next few days to see if there is any noticeable difference in how they warp around or fleet compositions

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Thing is, you’re reading a line in patch notes and immediately jumping to conclusions when you don’t actually know whats changed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Maybe they only removed the escalations.

LOL! :rofl:

If they ever had that ability they’re slow and apathetic and it will cost them more subscriptions. Many players are still pissed at CCP’s actions over the last few years and many aren’t coming back and more are leaving.
EVE: Welcome to the desert.

Great now they can buff criminals and suspects to compensate!

Its possible it was only the response fleets, but not likely as that wouldn’t affect most people and would probably be listed under something else



CCP doesn’t need players anymore. CCP is now financially supported by bots and botting companies.

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I’m not really jumping since I don’t expect anything from this ‘content’.

My best guess judging by the vague description it’s some NS help.

My point is bad idea is a bad idea, of you want to make HS insecure encourage the players to do it, not some ‘magic’ NPC.



Well there is even less now it seem, the whinebears won, i think EVE might finally have died, i thought the era of chaos was going to make things fun again, and for a while it did, then the whiners won again :frowning: