This is my anniversary

Today is the anniversary of the day that i joined this godawful pit of losers.

I didnt even know about it, until i saw the icon. Thanks for reminding me, CCP!


Please help me drown my sorrows.


Cheer up everyone loses in New Eden. :laughing:

Goddamn my nidhoggur loss. Swear to god i woke up early for 6 different occasions trying to dodge this camper, ended up getting me in the end. Fun times.

Do you have fun in Carrier’s?


Carriers arent here to have fun with. They are here to make people think that its the ultimate end-game and everyone must own one or else they arent progressing in the game.

Roookie mistake, i know. But then again, you cant learn from your mistakes without making mistakes.

I think it is good to make mistakes by testing your boundaries from time to time.

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I lost a jump freighter a year before. Ever since that loss, i always tell myself, couldve been worse.

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Give us your tears.

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Had you ever fallen for a courier contract scam before?

Im losing at EVE so badly for the past 8 years.

Don’t worry, I’m at a 10 year unbroken streak this year and I’m smiling about it.


I am proud to say i have not.

I have fallen for a suspect salvage baiter though. Lost my navy issue drake.

Good old suspect loot or salvage baiting!" That’s how potential friendships in New Eden are made.

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Congratulations, we are proud to have another loser like you with us. You’ve ended up leading the pack, too, so it’s double congrats to you :heart:




You’re wrong.


Happy anniversary! :smiley:
The Flintstones Happy Anniversary - YouTube

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