Getting EDENCOM standing back ? Fastest way


I am not really involve into triglavian pve aspect so not really familiar with standing mechanic. I am just a pirate that roam space and want to get fights. But to keep roaming freely, I did the trick to get neutral with both Edencom and Trig by shooting only once an Edencom ship. So that my standing was -0.002 Edencom / +0.002 Trig. And both rats wasnt shooting me, since… last patch where they fix it, and now edencom rats are back at instant locking me… (wtf this mechanic is beyond me)

So Now, I need to regain Edencom rep just slightly, enough to get positive and voilà… whats the fastest way ? remember I dont know much about trig stuff… Cheers for the help

Not in kspace, there you wreck your standing with one side. You can shoot a trig, but they will start disliking you. If you want both positive you need to come to Povchen and help killing a drone or drifter.

Well If I am negative to trig does it really matter ? They are no more in K-space right ? its only edencom now.

Whats povchen ?

Dorito space!


Nope, kspace is full of minor victory systems with trig gatecamps.

Povchen is the new trig region. Where the 27 systems went after gate disconnect.

ok so basically go in that new region, kill 1 trig drones and hope my standing are positive with both, I thought it was impossible to get both +

If your standing is like depicted, one or two ticks should be sufficient. However getting these ticks is the hard part. :wink: The rats in Povchen are no joke.

is it 100% confirm that shooting drifters or drones getting both standing with edencom and tri + ?

I really need to understand why CCP design instant lock rats on gate… the most stupid thing ever

Yes. Personal expierience. You get 0.001 - 0.003 ticks (regardless how many you kill in the 10min).

Hint, you don’t need to kill the rat personally, it just needs to die, and you need to have a part in it (DPS, ewar).

need to die ? I remember gain trig by just shooting the edencom, not even killing it

Confirmed, needs to die.

Cheers man, really helpful! have a good one

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