Mixed Standing

I have come to a Pochven system in order to get positive standing with trigs and edencom. however on my overview right now i have edencom forces, some red, some white, whats the deal here?


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CCP round() … get some more ticks, relog, etc. Can also happen with trigs from different Clades.


Personally I think it’s just poor programming from CCP.

Anyway, when CCP first started messing with the Trig / Edencom standings mechanic at the very start, I decided not to bother with that content. Instead of worrying about it and wasting time trying to become neutral or positive to both Factions, I just added all Trig systems to my avoidance list.

i shot ONE edencon ship once
now the trigs (at least the ones in normal space) don’t shot me
the edencon ones sometimes do sometimes don’t
i dont know why … dont pretend to investigate further

Sometimes trigs are white to me and sometimes red. It totally depends on the “fleet” for lack of a better explanation. See, I will see this group all white, then they warp off. Then sometimes an all red fleet warps in afterward. And sometimes, the white fleet will be joined by the red fleet until one or the other warps off leaving all of one.

I have no idea why this is.

it’s strange for sure, on top of that i’ve been to 2 Pochven systems now and no sleeper or drones, only edencom and trigs so i cannot get a positive standing with both. I need to as sometimes I fly lsarge, slow ships and you just know that it will get hit by some stupid NPC gate camp.

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You guys just need to grind the standings to a solid +/- 0,1 to be sure of anything.

i.ve done it before on my alt, went into a Pochven system , target painted some drones and when they were destroyed i got +0.4 and +0.3 edencom/trig standing respectively, however there seems to be a lack of drones and sleepers in the Pochven systems i’m going into. I’ve tried 2 today and nothing. no sleepers, no drones.

Hmmm… weird. Mayne a Christmas truce?

Or CCP messing with the appearance rates. or bad luck.

Bad luck, try different type space filament. The only thing, when you come after DT, the wormhole sites need to be warped to once uncloaked in order to activate the NPCs. Anomalies are random but can pile up in systems if nobody runs them.

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Yea I have positive trig and Edencom standings and sometimes have blue + white Edencom, if you go to poch and just kill drifters and rogue drones and try get your standings to 0.5 then its enough to never get shot by any of them.

Although if you are with them and shoot a drifter that they are shooting their AI sometimes gets messed up and shoot you even if you are blue but if you dont shoot anything then they leave you alone.

This can happen pretty much any time - AI on the Trig and EDENCOM forces is incredibly buggy. CCP has reimbursed losses to pilots who have positive standings yet get aggressed by Trig/EDENCOM forces without provocation, but the underlying defect has yet to be fixed.

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