Triglavian + EDENCOM standings?

Sorry if I’ve posted this before, but is there a way to simultaneously improve Triglavian and EDENCOM standings, or at least improve one without wrecking the other?

Shoot a Rogue Drone in Poochven.

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Do I have to actually kill it or just take one potshot at it?

You only get the standing if the ship dies one way or another.

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Ok, so I need to stay alive there long enough to kill it. Is a well-fit cheap destroyer sufficient?

Oh, and my other character, Kaizen Oramara, has -0.01 standings with the Trigs. I’m guessing surviving Pochven will be MUCH harder for him.

Could potentially be enough.

You just get into the system via filament. Stay away from the gates and stations and you should be fine.

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